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Air Canada

  1. What skills do you have?
  2. How would you handle a situation where you have a difficult co-worker?
    • Are you at least 18 years old?
      • yes
      • yes
      • yes
    • Are you a Canadian citizen?
      • yes I am
      • yes
      • no
    • I was given a scenario in which an elderly woman was stressed on the flight, a mother had a crying child and another person was getting upset over it. How would you as a team handle that?
    • How do you delegate between multiple tasks?
    • What are you passionate about outside of work?
    • What would you say surprises people about you?
    • What stands out to you as excellent customer service?
    • How do you show positive customer service?
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    Air Transat

    1. Address the skills you've learned through previous roles that benefit the role.
      • What would you do if there’s a drunk passenger in business class that is causing a scene?
      • Are you a leader or a follower?
      • Why Air Transat?
        • I am fascinated by AirTransit. The fact that it flies over 55 international destination and 25 different count... Continue reading this answer
      • What would you do if a passenger didn't receive their special meal?
      • Tell me about a time you encountered good or bad customer service.
      • Would you relocate if you are based in Montreal?
      • Tell me about a difficult situation you faced, how did you solve it?
      • What makes you stand out from everyone else interviewing today?
      • What makes a good flight attendant?
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      Air Wisconsin Airlines

      1. How do you deal with a customer not complying with the rules and regulations if you are the only flight attendant on the plane and have no manager around.
        • Empathizing but explaining that safety is the number one priority in a calm and assuring voice explaining why these rules are in place to keep... Continue reading this answer
      2. What are 3 things your current or last employer would say about you?
      3. What academics will be focused on?
        • A customer is not cooperating with the seatbelt regulations, how do you handle this situation in front of other customers?
        • Your coworker leaves a mess before your shift begins every time, how would you handle this situation?
        • Tell us how your previous role prepared you for this one?
          • I have several years of customer service, I work with the elderly and had to work with different types ... Continue reading this answer
          • Well I use to work on a Cruise so I was gone a lot and I work 190 hours so that’s what I know is going to prepare me ... Continue reading this answer
          • My previous role has prepared me to prioritize safety, ... Continue reading this answer
          • I have been in customer service for most of my life. I was a flight attendant and it was the... Continue reading this answer
          • While working 3rd shift for Wuesthoff Medical Center, my role was to provide care to 30 patient on the floor. Answering call lights, performing vital sign checks every 4 hours, comfort newly admitted... Continue reading this answer
        • Do you have any questions for us?
        • Did you attend an open house?
          • Yes
          • Not yet
          • No
        • What city do you live in?
        • Are you willing to move?
          • Yes
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        1. Are you currently employed?
          • No
          • No
          • No
          • No
          • no
          • No
          • No
        2. Where are you from?
        3. Tell me something interesting about you.
        4. What are your hobbies?
        5. Is this your first time applying here?
        6. Do you know which locations are flying from Thailand as Thai AirAsia?
          • Malaysia
          • Malaysia
          • No
        7. Which languages do you speak?
        8. When can you start?
        9. What is your favorite food?
        10. Sell this bottle of water to me.
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        Alaska Airlines

        1. Give an example of when you went above & beyond to accommodate a customer with a disability.
          • Give an example of how you bring creativity to your workplace while maintaining policies
            • Tell me about a time where rules or regulations changed, and what did you do about it.
            • What is some feedback you’re working on?
            • What values Alaska has that are personal to you?
              • Just as a person how people perceive you?
                • Are you willing to be flexible?
                  • What about your experience makes you qualified?
                    • What makes you unique?
                      • What can you bring to the table?
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