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Free Air Transat Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What would you do if a passenger didn't receive their special meal?
    At first, I would apologize to them for not receiving their special meal and then I would tell them that I will give it to them right away.
    I would first apologize profusely. I would ask them if they would prefer a smaller snack. I would then write a report to help make sure this doesn't happen again
  2. Tell me about a time you encountered good or bad customer service.
    The server had forgotten what I ordered and did not correct it That was very poor service
    At a restaurant, where the server was not attentive, did not smile or ask how she could Better serve us, did not offer any substitutions for items not available
  3. Would you relocate if you are based in Montreal?
    I am from Montreal, moved to Pickering, loving the smaller town life
  4. Tell me about a difficult situation you faced, how did you solve it?
    I had a customer who was unhappy with his meal, so I made a fresh plate and corrected it right away
  5. What makes you stand out from everyone else interviewing today?
    I have done a lot of customer service since I was 16, worked in the Dorval airport for 3 1/2 years ( have my red pass)
    My Red blazer and the biggest smile
  6. What makes a good flight attendant?
    Love working with the public, love traveling, to give guidance and assistance to passengers
    Attentive, exceptional customer service, empathy, reliable, positive attitude, poise and confidence under pressure, detail oriented
  7. What do our passengers expect from flight attendants?
    Honesty, responsibility, being there for the passengers
    Excellent customer service, anticipate their needs, warm and welcoming, all Cabin crew to work together with a positive attitude
  8. Tell us 3 characteristics about you?
    Determined, punctual, reliable
    Loyal, empathetic, positive attitude
  9. What do you know about Air Transat?
    It is a Quebec based airline I have flown with them before down south
    Founded 35 yrs ago, by Jean Marc and Francois. Been award Skytrax best leisure airline. Operates Airbus
  10. What is your current job?
    Unemployed at the moment
    Flight Attendant
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