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Air Transat Flight Attendant Interviews

I applied through their website about 24 days ago. Within 2 days I received an email back congratulating me to begin the recruitment process. The email stated I had to attend an online 1 hour information session (through booking a date), and completing a 1 hour personality assessment. We had to complete the personality assessment by a specific date but I completed it 4 hours before my information session just to get it over with. I did study for it, as the assessment categorizes people and picks out the best of the best for the in person interview. After attending the info session, they send you a form to fill out with yes/no questions and at the end 4 interview like questions where you really want to sell yourself. The entire application process took about 1 week including the in person interview. I was shocked how quick it went but it was very efficient. The interview was the best interview I had!! I was crying tears at the end and we all laughed and celebrated.

After completing the personality assessment, attending the information session, and completing the online form, they sent an email saying if I was to be selected for continuing the process, they would send me an email. 2 days later, they sent an email congratulating me to come in for a in person interview. I had to book my date and time slot. In order to really study and pass the interview as it's very intense and competitive, I booked it on the last day for the latest time. The interview was at a hotel in Toronto, I had to travel only 20 minutes as I live in another city. You had to arrive 30 mins early, but I arrived 1 hour earlier, made some friends as the ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience