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Free Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. I was asked to stand and tell a fun fact about a job that I volunteered for.
  2. Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it?
  3. A fellow flight attendant is giving away free drinks to undeserving passengers and therefore being out of vodka for the passengers who had prepaid for drinks. When they said they would remind him of other passengers who were still needing drinks they were told he wouldn't stop & were asked how they would handle the passengers who were mad about not getting their drinks & who knew it was the flight attendant's fault.
    I would offer the passengers a different drink free of charge or a voucher.
  4. The scenario my group had was a complaint from a passenger that the child sitting behind them was constantly kicking their seat. When we said we would speak to the parent we were told the parent was uncooperative & asked what we would do then.
    I would speak to the parent(s) in a calm yet authoritative tone and explain to them that the child is kicking the seat. I would offer the unhappy passenger a different seat in first class or another part of the plane if available. If not, I would offer something like a voucher or a free meal, etc.
  5. Give a single word tag line that describes the character of the company.
  6. Tell a "fun career fact" about yourself in 20 seconds or less.
    I once sold insurance door to door to farmers in Nebraska.
  7. If you are hired, are you planning to relocate to your assigned flight base or would you plan to commute?
    My plan is to relocate
  8. Tell us about a time you went above & beyond someone's expectations & what the outcome was.
  9. Give specific details of a time when someone was disgruntled with you or your company in the past and tell how you handled it & what the outcome was.
  10. I was given a scenario in my personal interview of being on a crew with an extremely grumpy & harsh flight attendant who was rude to a passenger & insensitive to their needs and was asked how I would handle it when the person complained. Then after my response, I was asked if I would tell the flight attendant about the complaint.
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