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Free Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Tell me how you help make your coworkers feel appreciated.
    I always go out of my way to help out, whether it's by surprising my coworkers with a morning coffee or going out of my way and going the extra mile by helping them with a task when they aren't looking.
    Vocalizing it and letting them know hey i appreciate you or what you do.
    Since working as a team is so important as a flight attendant, make sure you let your co workers know how much you appreciated their help and how they made a difference that day or during the flight. Don’t just expect it and take it for granted. The show of appreciation means a lot.
  2. Tell me about a time when you had to give someone news that they didn’t like.
    When I was working in restaurants I always remember when the guest would ask to be seated with no reservation. I'd always be the bearer of bad news and let them know they need a reservation to dine in. I'd always offer the bar seating as it was first come first serve but many times people would try to even bribe me and I'd still tell them the same. I'd offer an alternative by either making a reservation a different day or putting them on a wait list.
    I had to give them news that wasnt ideal so i sandwiched it. Good new, good news, bad news, good news.
  3. Tell me about the best customer service you’ve received?
    When someone is attentive, listened to my needs, is friendly, warm, and welcoming. Who can laugh with you and make your day a little brighter just by that simple interaction.
    The best customer service i recieved was someone went above and beyond expectations to give me a great experience
    My hair salon was voted top of the Plateau in 2014, 2015. Customers in the area voted for us, and always let us know how much they looked Forward to their appointments.
  4. Why do you want to be an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant?
    I embrace and live Alaska Airlines core values.
  5. Describe the strictest rule at your job and how do you adhere to it.
    Every job has their own policies, but I can't really think of a strict rule from my previous jobs. The only strict rule I could think of was the dress code. In my previous job, they were very strict about the dress code. My hair had to be natural colors, no nail polish and I must wear black and blue jeans. I simply followed the rules and did as I was told.
    We are given a significant amount of autonomy as faculty, from how we run our classroom to the textbook and schedule choices. However, when it comes to administrative deadlines, there is no leeway. Strict deadlines for all students reporting. I adhere to this faithfully by always turning in my work early and without procrastination.
  6. Describe a situation in which you had to adapt your style, approach, or ideas to meet the needs of others. What was the situation? What did you do in the situation, and what was the outcome?
    Since I worked Alaska flights when I was based out of SFO working for the biggest regional Skywest Airlines moving on to Alaska mainline was an easy feat . I had this qs in my video interview and I gave an example which I experienced several times while working this very short route between San Francisco and Orange County and the flight time was only 50 minutes. In this 50 min we had to do full beverage service . If you were working in first class on that flight, it was easy to do service since there were only12 first class passengers, but if you were in economy and almost always your the only fa who have to to do the service, and if it was a full flight it was hard to complete service successfully unless you made some changes in that service. So I used to make sure before boarding started I would prep everything in the cart that need to be prepped coffee carafe in place ready to brew after takeoff so that once I’m off the jump seat I brew coffee and bring out the cart and go without wasting any extra time. The second thing I learned was if I was to ask for ice with every soda on every seat I was never able to finish service ( trust me my first flight on that route taught me that ) so I used to skip the ice and if anyone wanted ice they would ask for it. Sodas are usually ice cold when they are catered anyway. So that’s the example I gave in that question.
  7. I was asked to stand and tell a fun fact about a job that I volunteered for.
    Helped at the YMCA with after school program. Helped with homework and organized fun activities as well as funactive games in the gym.
  8. Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it?
    Passenger complained out loud about a child making too much noise on a flight. Without making too much out of it, I offered the passenger a seat that was further away from the child. The mother over heard what the passenger said and thanked me. She explained that her son had bad tourette syndrome and it was hard when they flew.
  9. A fellow flight attendant is giving away free drinks to undeserving passengers and therefore being out of vodka for the passengers who had prepaid for drinks. When they said they would remind him of other passengers who were still needing drinks they were told he wouldn't stop & were asked how they would handle the passengers who were mad about not getting their drinks & who knew it was the flight attendant's fault.
    Since there are different parts u need to focus on this qs so this is how I would answer it. 1) I would snag a few bottles of NEW each kind of liqour and put them on my cart to make sure we have enough for pax who will ask and pay for them since the other fa doesn’t care so last thing u want him to use rest of the liqour so make sure u save some bottles of various kinds for paying customer 2) after the service is complete u sit down with the FA and have a talk with them . Do it in a diplomatic way and if possible show them the service guidelines in ur crew Manual to remind them of proper way of service . 3) almost all crew portals have systems in place to report anyone who is breaking company policy. One should use that yo report that crew member . Remember you loyalty is to the company not that crew member . Today they are ignoring simple service standards tomorrow they can be careless about safety and next thing u know there is a huge accident . So no you are not a snitch you are simply following policy and company guideline because that’s your job and that’s what you are hired to do.
    Apologize and off another drink option or a voucher.
    I would offer the passengers a different drink free of charge or a voucher.
  10. The scenario my group had was a complaint from a passenger that the child sitting behind them was constantly kicking their seat. When we said we would speak to the parent we were told the parent was uncooperative & asked what we would do then.
    With out making too much of a fuss, I would move the passenger who is complaining to a different seat.
    I would speak to the parent(s) in a calm yet authoritative tone and explain to them that the child is kicking the seat. I would offer the unhappy passenger a different seat in first class or another part of the plane if available. If not, I would offer something like a voucher or a free meal, etc.
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