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Free Air Canada Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What skills do you have?
    30 years of experience in Customer Service and ability to speak 4 languages and 20 years of experience in Aviation industry working at the Airport with different Airlines.
  2. How would you handle a situation where you have a difficult co-worker?
  3. Are you at least 18 years old?
  4. Are you a Canadian citizen?
    yes I am
  5. I was given a scenario in which an elderly woman was stressed on the flight, a mother had a crying child and another person was getting upset over it. How would you as a team handle that?
    First I'll assist the passenger who is upset over it and the women who is stressed and make them comfortable I believe as a team we can do the things better by understanding skills then I'll ask my co-workers to help me with crying child and the mother.
    I would assist with the mother and child , as well as other passenger upset first , then ask my co worker to assist with the elderly women who was stressed out
    I would communicate with my co worker and we would split up to deal with the two situations at hand. I will prioritize the safety of all passengers on board.
    I will try to help them all if it will be not possible I will handle one and will ask another co-workers to help other 2 passengers.
    I will help one passenger and ask my co-worker to help 2 passengers.
  6. How do you delegate between multiple tasks?
    A flight attendant job is to multi-task with the situation. I will make sure to give first priority to the situation which is more important and urgent. I will be attend the situation in a very best professionalism, through my expertise of being calm, smile on my face offer best of my customer service skills and as a best listener to handle it accordingly.
    Prioritize what is more important and delegate tasks accordingly
    We should prioritize the tasks that are important first then achieve the others.
    Prioritize Ur tasks first
  7. What are you passionate about outside of work?
    Helping others when needed, dance, singing karaoke, fitness as well as spending time with loved ones
    I like to stay with my family
    Aviation and travel
  8. What would you say surprises people about you?
    That I am bilingual, ability to help others.
    I play a lot with kindness
    Ability to speak 4 languages
  9. What stands out to you as excellent customer service?
    As a former lifeguard, a memory stands out when I encountered a crying child at the swimming pool, scared to swim. I quickly knelt down offering a reasssuring presence. Through gentle conversation, I comforted them and showed them how swimming can be fun. Patiently, I allowed them to observe from a distance and gradually encouraged them to dip their toes in the water. With empathy and encouragement, the child that hesitated embraced the water with confidence. This experience showcases my ability to turn challenges into positive memorable moments, a quality I'm eager to bring to Air Canada as a flight attendant.
    Great service, positive feedback, getting things done to best of abilities
    The quality of the job I do and the skill and knowledge what I do, and resolve issues may occur during the job
    Listening skills and ability to predict customer's needs
  10. How do you show positive customer service?
    Being warm and inviting, active listening, being there for them and their needs
    Very first I will make them feel comfortable so that they can not face any difficulty and if they feel so they can speak to me without any hesitation
    By listening the customer properly and helping him or her so that they do not face any difficulties.
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