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Air Wisconsin Airlines pilot interview information and gouge

This is interview 1 of 228 for Air Wisconsin Airlines.

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The previous 4-5 gouges are right on, 10 question ATP test, one of them was about wind shift during approach and groundspeed, VOT check, etc. They never give you the result to this test. SIM is same for everbody, takeoff out of Greenbay, intercept, hold, vectors for an ILS. They literally do everything for you, no need for checklist, I have never felt more comfortable in a SIM interview before. They don't want to bust you, just BASIC FLYING SKILLS. If you really want to impress them, polish up & call HORIZON FLIGHT CENTER, the FBO where they conduct the interviews and SIM (Redbird) and schedule an hour a day in advance. $80 an hour, but you won't fly more than .6-.7, you will get a great feel for it and feel comfortable in it the next day.

TECH: If you study the previous gouges, you'll be prepared. No systems questions. JEPP or NOS (your choice) Approach chart questions and Airport Signs & Markings. Read a TAF & METAR, polish up on you REMARKS section. PRESSFR - Pressure Falling Rapidly, is one of the remarks on there that I didn't know. Why is this important? Think bad visibility, bad weather.

HR: Standard stuff, Why Air Wisconsin, Why you, Have you ever been terminated, the other gouges are accurate on this as well.

Easy stuff but fair warning 2 out of 6 did not make it.

Got offered the job on the spot.

This is the best regional airline to work for. Good luck!

Air Wisconsin Airlines Pilot Interview Experience

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