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The interview was very pleasant, the H.R. staff was awesome and very welcoming. the interview was a small group (5) pilots. The day started at 7:30 we all arrived shortly after 7 am. The day started with a presentation on the company's history, structure, values, etc. They also went over pilot training time 6 1/2 weeks, pay, benefits etc. we were all handed packets with personalized itineraries which included a sim, 2 panel interviews, fingerprinting, and a 20 question quiz. also health benefits 401k stuff etc. The fingerprinting is fairly straightforward, the panel interviews were actually quite pleasant with the exception of one person, (being the brunt of it), It was the type of scenario based questions that could only be answered with tough awkward answers so don't feel out of place if you have to step up and just be frank and honest. the second was with the cert. chief pilot and flight ops manager, both are really cool guys and friendly. just straight forward questions that are easy to answer, just be honest. Why do you want to be here? why leave you're current job? etc. The one question came up, "did you call n sick for this?" I did so I answered yes. It was the only way for me to have off so I had no choice. The sim was a FTD mock-up, you're are given a choice pick a number 1-3 and then given a scenario, given 2 mins to formulate a plan then 7 minutes to execute the plan, the scenario was straight forward but it did get progressively more difficult as we went along as every contingency seemed to be met with more bad news, (bad weather, winds, braking action at alternates etc.) so just make the best call and be assertive and get 'er done. Overall the company seems to be thriving and the people seem truly happy to be working there. The 20 question quiz was straight forward instrument and atp questions, all multiple choice and should come easy. holding pattern lengths at different altitudes, continuing approaches with lights in sight, severe turbulence encounter, continuing approach below mins inside marker, flying visual with vasi, all fairly elementary questions nothing that requires math or any calculations. Good luck! 

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