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Was in a recent round of interviews for this summer hiring. First off the process was very straight forward and easy to get through. Started out with an HR call about availability and legal to work info basic from my app. Next was sent the link to the Hogan Personality Assessments. There are two of these and they seem to tailor the tests to each company.

Basically they are groups of questions asked multiple times to get a feel for your personality and your consistency. I went honestly and it seemed to go fast and harmless. These have been a disqualifier for some so not sure why but my guess would be consistency. Following the results 1-2 weeks I got the call for an interview. I got the Choice for a few times or days during a week to make it work around my schedule. Once you select the date and time you are sent detailed instructions with the who, what, where, and how.

Decided to fly out day before to get settled and stayed across from the Training Center in Denver(they do not cover this cost). Interview was paperwork turn in, panel interview (HR stuff, hours, TMAAT), then simulator in the 737.

The whole process is very accommodating and an emphasis is put on putting you at ease and just allowing you to be yourself. The paperwork turn in is basic you turn in your hours to be reviewed by the panel prior to your sit down.

Also you review your online app to make sure of any errors. Mine was printed two days prior to my interview so I suggest logging back in three days prior to match up your hours and double check dates and such. I had one or two dates I found off. I updated my physical date a few days prior but did not catch the expiration date change so I had to do that interview day.

The HR portion was what you'd expect. There are lists of questions out there mine came pretty close but some varied. Just take your time and answer the whole question. I took 8-10 seconds to collect my thoughts on each question. They also stressed Situation, Action, Result format. Big on how it ended, what you learned, what you would have done differently, and where are those people now or how is that process now. Everyone has stories just how did yours affect you and that process or people and what lessons did it teach you about aviation and life. Honestly every question I got asked didn't have to go to aviation if I didn't take it there.

The sim is straight forward as well. Definite a big picture assessment. You don't need to fly perfect but can you see that you are off parameters and make a correction. Can you multi task and not completely blow through alt or course. The CRM is a divert scenario for different reasons with multiple choices. Standard Airmanship fly the plane, take in your options, analyze them, include your crew and resources, and MAKE a decision.

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2. What would be the requirements for a takeoff alternate?
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3. You lost radios, what do you do?
4. What is tower's NORDO signal to be cleared to land?
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5. Tell us about a time when you had a problem with a subordinate.
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6. Tell us about a time when you needed help from someone else to get out of a situation.
7. Tell us about a time when you didn't hit it off with someone that you have flow with.
8. Talk us through your career up to now.
9. What would you consider to be the high point of your career?
10. Are you looking at anybody else?

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