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FREE Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Information

  1. Why did you leave your last job?
    I had left my last job to be a stay home mom, then started my own business of a party supply store and a tanning salon
  2. Did you give two weeks notice when you left your last job?
    Yes, I did for my earlier jobs. The last job I quit for maternity leave.
  3. What is a disadvantage of being a flight attendant?
    I really cant think of any off hand.
  4. What scares you the most about this position?
  5. Are you ready for the pay cut?
  6. Is your personal life ready for the change?
    Yes, it is. It has been for a while now and I am very excited about it!!
  7. What was your favorite job and why?
    working at a huge retail store. The public, the variety and challenges of people pleasing all day. ALways kept it fun and differant every day.
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Working for ALaska Air
  9. Why do you want to work for Alaska Airlines?
    I have always flown on Alaska and have always loved the cutomer service we were provided and the fun crew. They always seem to go above and beyond and I feel they are a very respected airline.
  10. How long are you going to be a flight attendant?
    As long as Alaska will let me be a part of a wonderful industry!!