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FREE Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant Interview Information

  1. Why do you think you should be hired?
    Service minded
    I have a service experience.
    I think the reason is my passion. I am the person who loves to help people and I love to travel as well. I have never thought of this job until it was recommended to me by my uncle's aunt who also works for Cathay Pacific in the HK region. After talking to her, I have been interested ever since and thought that it's actually a good idea.
    I'm customer service oriented and love to help people. I studied Hotel Management in my college which trained me. I have a lot of hospitality skills and knowledge. Also I have customer service experience.
    I have a strong passion for working in the hospitality industry. I love meeting and helping people. I have patient and customer service experience. I think it would be help.
    I have a flexible personality and I can adapt easily to new procedures and new working conditions.