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  1. Are you willing to relocate?
  2. What is your current position?
    I work as a housekeeper in a hotel at Atlanta airport
    at the Moment I work as Independent Contractor for a local Cab company. I am well liked and respected in my work place.
    I have worked for myself for 19 years and counting, as both a massage therapist and I've added permanent makeup into my practice for the last 8 years now. I've leased my office form a Plastic Surgeon for these last 8 years and prior to that I owned and operated a wellness center here in Greenville.
  3. What is your education background?
    High school only Parenting became my priority.
    I been through all school levels in Germany inclusive the Trade School of culinary Art, As I moved to the US I quickly adapted to the system here and made me GED and joined the Military. As I was overseas to support Operation Enduring Freedom I finished some general study classes and my goal is to finish my Degree.
    30 years of public service and loving every moment of it. I have a fairly high IQ but took the road less traveled in education. High school only.
  4. Why would you like to be a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant?
    Working for a Major Airline and Company is something like a Major goal for me.
    You bet! Working for a major US airline you're representing not only the company but also our Country. You want your pride to be contagious.
  5. What do you think is the primary responsibility of a flight attendant?
    I believe the safety of everyone on board is the flight attendant's primary responsibility. After that would be the comfort of all the passenger's and meeting their needs.
    I think a flight attendant's major interest is to keep the flight as smooth as possible and as safe as possible for the Passengers and the crew.
    Cabin crew is there for safety first and foremost. Just as important is making the flight as pleasurable as possible for the passengers.
  6. How many days of work did you miss with your last employer?
    Being self employeed you work when you have the clients any and all the time.
  7. Tell me a little about yourself.
    I'm the recently widowed mom of 2 girls who have now both moved out on their own. I'm ready now for a change and returning to my original dream of becoming a flight attendant.
    I am a mom of 3 girls who are all grown up and on their own now. I love to serve my country and did that the last 5 years with the National Guard AZ .I have a outgoing personality and I am always for safety and correctness.
    Cute, athletic, great with people. I've been a successful self employed massage therapist for 19 years. Worked in sales and management at while going to massage school. And worked with Continental Airlines before that. I've spent my life in the service industry.
  8. What do you dislike the most?
    I dislike people who harm other people, especially children, elderly and animals.
    In my past I never took my personal issues to work. I am a very happy and friendly person.
    About what? Life is good and so is work. It beats the alternative. lol
  9. Do you speak another language?
    Yes, I speak Spanish and English fluently.
    I'm studying Spanish and one day hope to be fluent.
    I do yes. My Original Language is German and I am speaking, writing and understanding great English.
    No but I am a good at communicating, I have flown world wide.
  10. Do you have any questions for us?
    No I think I know all I need to know.
    How will the school work? How is the arrangements where"Rockies" fly?
    I have experience as a flight attendant back when we served meals on most flights and I can run a galley like noc one else, including 1st class. Will my experience help me?