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  1. Are you willing to move?
  2. Do you meet the height requirement?
  3. Do you meet the reach requirement?
  4. Do you have the proper paperwork?
  5. Do you have an up to date passport?
  6. What did you like best about your previous job?
  7. What did you like least about your previous job?
  8. I was asked to describe a time that a coworker or team mate disagreed with me and how I handled it.
    I told him that as long as the safety of our pax are not compromised, he could do his cabin service the way he wants to.
  9. I was asked to describe a time that I had a difficult day at work and how I handled it.
    When the plane was diverted to another airport, pax were worried about their connecting flights. I explained to them to look at their united ops whether their connecting flight is still waiting for them. And I told them that gate agent will help them. I up-date my pax every 10 minutes about the situation of our schedule flight to go back to our original destination and all pax were happy.
  10. Describe what you know about Endeavor as a company.
    Founded in 1985 as Express Airlines I. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines with of fleet size of 148 aircraft. HQ's is located in MSP. It's President an CEO is Ryan Gumm. Operating bases are ATL, DTW, MSP, JFK