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FREE Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Information

  1. There is a paper on your chair with one word on it, please talk a little about that word.
    Customer service: Providing the best customer service, and best quality to our clients are the most important part of our company.
  2. Introduce yourself using the first letter of your first name as an adjective to describe yourself.
    Confident Cherise. Without confidence I would not have reached where I am today!
    Jovial Jaycelyn
    Daring Dave
    Mona;I believe that feeling marvelous is the first step of projecting yourself to giving your customers the best service that your company can offer.
    Brave; I believe that being brave is an important step in taking the next step forward.
    YOUNG; I believe in being healthy and staying young.
  3. Do you have any visible tattoos?
  4. Give an example of a time when you used Ho'okipa? (hospitality)
  5. There was a problem with 2 of your coworkers how do you solve the issue with lokahi?
  6. How you used malama?
  7. There is a disruptive passenger on the plane that was slamming the overhead compartments while the people are around him are sleeping, how do you address the guest?
    With calm and being polite in your slow tone of voice ask him to please keeping it down. Ask him if there's anything I can do to help.
  8. We had to read off an Inflight announcement.. there were sheets of paper in front of each of us. We were each asked to pick up on paper say our name and what number paper we had on our sheet then read the announcement outloud.
  9. How would you describe Malama and why is it important?
    Malama is to take care of, to serve and to honor, to protect and watch over. I had the honor of working with the public 15 years plus and love helping people in any situation. It is important to treat humankind with All do respect.
  10. How would you deal with a passenger who has anxiety on a plane due to turbulence?
    I will ask them if they need anything to drink or get them anything to make them more comfortable.