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FREE PSA Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Information

  1. Tell us about yourself, such as your occupation.
  2. What 3 attributes would you bring to our company?
    Honesty, Hardworking and attention to detail.
  3. Can you describe everyone in the group?
    Great people and I hope everyone gets hired.
  4. Why do you want to be a PSA Flight Attendant?
    Excited about PSA's Future and the homelike enviroment. Family Enviroment.
  5. What does LAV mean?
    Lavatory (bathroom)
    aircraft lavatory
  6. If you sell 4 beers and 3 wines at $4.00 each then your next flight 5 beers, how much money should you have?
  7. Departure time is at 4:35PM and your need to be at the airport 45 minutes prior to departure, what time should you be at the airport?
    I don't like to take chances. I'd be at the airport at 3:00 PM or before. I take into account unexpected problems.
    3:45 PM
  8. What major characteristic makes a successful flight attendant?
    Friendly, out going, customer satisfaction, safety, reliability, honest, team player and hardworking.
    A good FA ensures the safety, and comfort of all passengers. A great listener, and communicator.
    Friendly, outgoing, easy tempered, people person, hard working, honest, reliable, team player.
    I am very attentive. I notice problems before they arise. I'm friendly, not out of the box friendly; truly friendly. It is an energy I feel and others do as well. I comfort and calm, very well.
    people person , Honest and hardworking.
  9. How soon you could begin training once notified?
    I would like the opportunity to put in a two week notice if possible.
  10. Have you had a time where work prevailed over your personal plans?
    Yes, I had a family function to got to and a coworker got sick and asked me to fill in and I told them I would and then I explained this to my family.
    I have had family plans to go on a trip and a coworker called in sick I canceled my plans to be part of my team.
    being on reserve you make plans and sometimes a trip comes up and that prevails over personal lives.