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Free Air Wisconsin Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. How do you deal with a customer not complying with the rules and regulations if you are the only flight attendant on the plane and have no manager around.
    Empathizing but explaining that safety is the number one priority in a calm and assuring voice explaining why these rules are in place to keep them and passengers safe I feel that when speaking trying to emphasizing and being polite the passenger is most likely to respond positively
  2. What are 3 things your current or last employer would say about you?
    She takes initiative, she has an eye out for safety, she facilitates team work to ensure efficient compliance.
  3. What academics will be focused on?
  4. A customer is not cooperating with the seatbelt regulations, how do you handle this situation in front of other customers?
    Let the customer know that safety is our first priority and If he can’t cooperate we couldn’t let him fly
    Address the passenger, calmly remind them of the rule and regulations the Airline has laid out to ensure their safety along with the safety of every passenger.
    Remind them plane can"t take off until seatbelts on, if esculates b4 take off, have them they will be escourt them off, can't close doors, until all has met with FAA regs, baring that have them escourted off plan
    Communicate! I would use my communication skills to explain that putting the seatbelt on is for the safety of them and everyone on board.
    I would go over the regulations with them and let them know that it is required to wear when the seat belt sign is on and it’s for their own safety an then I would explain to them if they refuse to wear it as to what would happen if they don’t wear it during turbulence. If they still refuse i would let them know it is the policy and we can not take off until it is on.
    For your continue safety with air Wisconsin all passengers are required to wear their seatbelt.
  5. Your coworker leaves a mess before your shift begins every time, how would you handle this situation?
    Clean the area as soon as possible, speak honestly with the coworker about why teamwork is essential. Understand they want to get out as soon as the shift ends but acknowledge this action is doubling my work. If the situation continues speak with my supervisor.
    Ask politely if she can please clean around her area, mention that if u need to clean, u are spending your time taken from your time by taking time away from you that to pick up after her, takes time away that should be spent to finish my things to do
    Communication to your coworker is key! Use good communication and calmly explain how you are feeling to your coworker
    I would say I would handled it by keeping a good attitude and not letting it ruin my day or enter fear with my job or try to offer some guidance in the nicest way. I would also document everything and let either a supervisor or manager know.
    Firstly find out if they need any help with anything. If not if they are just being messy and lazy, speak with a supervisor.
    Firstly find out if they need any help with anything. If not if they are just being messy and lazy, speak with a supervisor.
  6. Tell us how your previous role prepared you for this one?
    While working 3rd shift for Wuesthoff Medical Center, my role was to provide care to 30 patient on the floor. Answering call lights, performing vital sign checks every 4 hours, comfort newly admitted patients and family to ease any worries by answering questions and explaining specific exams, cleaning all rooms before leaving, stock all rooms with full pitchers of fresh water and specific snacks.
    I have been in customer service for most of my life. I was a flight attendant and it was the best job in my career actually i didn't feel like it was a job, but an adventure every day
    My previous role has prepared me to prioritize safety, maintaining a calm and welcoming environment for guests
    Well I use to work on a Cruise so I was gone a lot and I work 190 hours so that’s what I know is going to prepare me is just by being away for so long and also being able to stand for a long period of time and as well as customer service
    I have several years of customer service, I work with the elderly and had to work with different types of personalities. I would know how to deal with combative individuals as well as scared or nervous ones.
  7. Do you have any questions for us?
    What does success look like in this position?
    No, I don't have any questions.
    Yes, is the training paid for?
  8. Did you attend an open house?
    Not yet
  9. What city do you live in?
    Wisconsin Rapids
    Cincinnati Ohio
    Hilton head island
  10. Are you willing to move?
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