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Free American Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Is staying in policy at your job ever inconvenient for you?
    No, it is never inconvenient.
    No, it is not a problem.
  2. Tell about a mistake you made on the job and what you learned from it.
    I did not pay attention on my manager when he told me to do something and it messed up my order by not paying attention but at the end on my shift I learned to pay more attention.
  3. When you were late to your job or missed work, how did it affect your whole team?
    It affect the whole team because all of them had to adjust and cover for my shift to.
    I answered as if it wasn't my fault that I was late. I blamed it on traffic. Two of the other candidates blamed it on a traffic accident and the other two candidates said they missed work because they were sick (one with migraines).
  4. How would you deal with an irate customer?
    First I would listen to the customer, then I would apologize for having a hard time or inconvenience, next I would offer what I can do to assist, and lastly, I would thank the customer for bringing the issue to my attention.
  5. Tell us about a time you saw a coworker do something nice for someone else.
  6. Tell us one thing that is unique about you.
    I lost my childhood best friend at the age of 17. I find that to be somewhat unique because it’s impacted who I am, in a way that helps me realize what’s more important in life and what's worth putting my energy into.
  7. Where are you from?
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  8. How would you handle a passenger that was frustrated because they had to wear a seatbelt extender?
    Assure them that it is a saftey precaution and that everyone has to follow the same protocol. Try to gain an understanding on why exactly they're frustrated, to easier diffuse the situation and relax them enough to comply.
  9. What does customer service mean to you?
    Customer service means exceeding expectations to ensure that the customers well being is taken care of.
    Customer Service means helping a customer to feel cared for, listened to, understood, and have their issue resolved to their to their satisfaction. It means you must be more concerned about the customer's experience above all else.
  10. What does customer service mean to you?
    Customer service means helping a customer feel understood and cared for. Making them feel like they’re your top priority and staying attentive to they're needs while in your care.
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