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Free Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Tell me about a time when you did something nice for a customer or passenger.
    There was a time when I had a customer who used to come in the store everyday and get coffee he would always get a certain amount and I noticed that he would struggle with taking all the cups of coffee to his car every morning so when he came in instead of him going back and forth I would always have him a cup holder on stand by so that it made it easier on him I also would give him a discount because he came in every morning consistently to get coffee
    I had a passenger that had an accident the the bathroom on himself and was very embarrassed. I didnt want him to feel any worst than he already did. He had no change of clothes inflight with him. So I helped him clean up in the bathroom and gave him my own clothing to put on.
  2. Tell me about a time when you saw your coworker not doing their task, and what you did about it?
    I had a co worker once totally ignored her job as she was working the Front of the aircraft. after she served her passengers. she never went to check on them or even clear their tray table, so I stepped in and clear their trash and offer them refills.
  3. Tell me about a time that you had a disagreement with a coworker?
    I saw that my co-worker did not have complete documents in the financial paperwork she was processing for a client. I brought the file back to her and pointed it out in the most informative and non-condescending way that I could. She became defensive and argued that what I was suggesting was incorrect and her work was done fine. I instantly agreed that if she feels confident, then it is her prerogative to send it off as is. I did not continue to insist I was correct. The business office kicked back the deal, and returned the file back to my co-worker.
    Picking the correct vein for my patient. She thought she could use the hand vein but I seen a good vein in her AC
  4. Tell us about a time that your priorities were changed and you had to change direction immediately.
    I had been in sales for over 25 years and I wanted to do something I was more compassionate about but had the skills for, so I wrote up a list of skills I was good at and what I loved to do and I decided I wanted to be a tour director, so I instantly did my research found a training school and enrolled within a couple weeks and was off to San Francisco to do my new training and start a new career
  5. Tell us about a time that you had to step in and make a critical decision to solve a customer's needs.
    My boss requested the client attain medical records from a hospital he visited. 3 weeks had passed and the client had not attained them. I contacted the client, had him sign off on an authorization form, contacted the hospital directly, and attained the medical records.
    Customer is always right.
  6. Delta has strict guidelines on ethics, honesty, and integrity what are your personal values in regard to these things?
    I agree with them 100 percent
  7. What do you bring to Delta that other applicants do not?
    My optimism, positive thinking. Seeing the good possibilities in every situation. Also the ability to empathize with someone from there perspective. I think it’s important to be able to put yourself in the customer’s position. This helps to avoid confusion and conflicts. It also helps me provide an unmatched level of customer satisfaction, which is one of the core beliefs of our company.
    I don’t know the qualifications that everyone else is bringing to you, but I will bring an ultimate level of understanding to the customer service to the flight attendant position. I think it’s important to be able to put yourself in the customer’s position. This helps avoid confusions and conflicts. It also helps me provide unlimited customer service, which I know is the backbone to this company.
    I believe that every person has a uniqueness about them. I believe that my pride is contagious, I not only would be a profitable addition to a team, but become the brand beyond belief.
  8. Tell us about a time when you witnessed a coworker or colleague breaking the rules or acting in a dishonest or unprofessional manner. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?
    I noticed my Co worker stealing hair to braid her 2 daughhters. I called her aside . She explained me her difficult financial situation. Without hesitation,I lent her the money to pay for it but also proposed to braid her daughters. We became friends.
    My Co worker decided to take a tip from a customer. The company policy states that our position is not to accept gratuity and he knowingly did it anyway. When I addressed and warned him about it he denied the allegations. When he realized he was on camera he returned the tip to the customer. I explained to him that when he stops participating in actions that don’t benefit everyone effected, he’ll have everything he wants. You have to give to receive. He then later came to me and apologized realizing that I had his best interest in mind and he was given documented counseling for the incident. The department hasn’t had this issue since.
    My Co worker decided that she was going to say the coffee pot was broken to the captain, because she did not want to serve hot beverages. When she went to the restroom I made a pot of coffee. When she realized the coffee was made an she made a comment that it was broken. I replied with a smile, I must have the magic touch. I them informed her that if she had a customer that wanted coffee or tea I would serve them for her if she needed.
  9. Tell us about a time when you worked on a team with someone who did not do his or her share of the work. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?
    I had a Co worker with a very negative attitude on a daily basis and this greatly affected his work. I happen to know that he loves basketball. In pulling him to the side I took his mind away from work for about 2 minutes and went into his world. I’m not a basketball guru but I knew enough to relate to his problem. I explained to that Michael Jordan never won a championship by himself, he had a phenomenal team if not the greatest team of all time. Everyone focused on their strengths. Scottie Pippen focused on being that go to second option for the team, Dennis rodman focused on playing great defense and getting rebounds, Steve Kerr focused on being ready to shoot spot up three pointers. When the individuals focus on the team goals the team wins championships. A few weeks later he was employee of the month. That was a team championship. My goal is to help our team win championships every flight by giving the best customer care.
    I told her that we are a team on this flight.It will make our work easy if we do our fair share of work.It will make our passengers happy if we deliver our services on time.
  10. Give us an example of a choice you made to go above and beyond what was needed to satisfy a customer. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?
    I had a situation where a patient needed help getting in the hospital from the visitors parking garage. The department is not recommended to assist visitors in the parking garage at night because it’s not the best neighborhood. In my mind I’m thinking well we don’t know if this patient can even walk or walk with assistance so I went to help the visitor regardless of what was not recommended. I know if I was older or really in need I would want someone to help me. The patient could walk with assistance but I still offered them a wheelchair. She ended up offering me a tip but I refused. My tip was bringing a smile to her face and a sense of relief.
    When one of my passenger telling me it was cold in the cabin. I told her the front of the aircraft is always cold because its close to the main cabin door.The heat temperature is on its highest.I have my heavy coat with me. If you like I could lend it to you to make you feel warmer.She accepted my offer and she was relieved of the cold.
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