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Free Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. If you could choose, who would you want to sit next to on the airplane?
    Princess Diana
    My crew member.
    It does not make a difference to me.
    It doesn't matter to me.
  2. Which animal on the tail of the plane do you like and why?
    Steve the eagle. For me, the eagle represents freedom and strength.
    Luna and Lilly the foxes because as soon I saw it, it reminded me of me and my mom. Together and next to each other in every step of life.
  3. Is the customer always right?
  4. If you were based in another state, where would you want to live?
    Nevada or Colorado
  5. What does dependability mean to you?
    Consistent, reliable, trustworthy and safe.
    Being reliable and responsible. That others trust my word and that I'm going to get the work done.
  6. Tell us about a time you had to influence a group of people?
    I worked for AFLAC as an insurance agent, I presented the benefit of our products and how it could assist you or your family in the long run.
    At one of my previous waitressing jobs, we had this hanging purse as part of our uniform. It was very uncomfortable to work with. I convinced my coworkers to communicate it to upper management all together to make a change on the uniform and we did!
  7. Tell us about a time that you received rewarding customer service?
    Actually this weekend checking in at my hotel. check in time was 3 pm and I called a couple days before to request an early check in... maybe 11am! they said no problem. Then when I got to the airport, I called just to ask if there were shuttles, it was 9am. They sent the shuttle right away to pick me up and got my room ready at 9am! I wasn't expecting that.
    I got a seat upgrade to first class after the gate agent had assigned two of us on the same seat.
  8. In your opinion is there a such thing as unrealistic demands?
    Yes, if they want to see the cockpit while in the air for example.
    I think anything is possible. If something seems unrealistic, I'm sure we can find a way around it meet the costumer's demands and make him/her happy.
  9. Tell us about a time that you received rewarding customer service?
    I was at a restaurant and couldn’t decide which desert to get, so I let the waitress decide and surprise me. She actually brought me both and charged me for the lesser of the two.
  10. What do you think might be challenging for you working with this company?
    I think maybe not having a set sleeping schedule could be challenging.
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