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Free Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Name a time when there was a change at work. What did you do?
    A. There were numerous changes in my 41 years of fire service career. The most positive change I initiated. It was a change in the way we operated on the scene of an emergency “Blue Card Incident Management.” I was the first one in LHCFD get certified, I did it on my own time and at my own expense. I believed the Blue Card system would safe fighters’ lives! It was a radical diversion of the way the fire services fought fires, managed resources and used trigger points to make decisions at an emergency. Now all LHCFD command officers are required to gain certification and become “Blue Card IC” I have researched Frontier airlines radical divergence in the way you operate making the air travel experience affordable and enjoyable to everyone. Frontier’s strategy shift towards trunk routes between busy airports. This changed from traditionally preferred routes from smaller, low-cost airports to high-density leisure destinations.
    There was a time when I was working for a hedge fund company. When I walked in to the office receptionist area, there were a few people by her desk, including the office manager. I learned that she was involved in a car accident and she was not going to be at work that day, they were trying to figure out who would do her job. After talking and gathering information from the other administrative assistance, I realize that I was the most reasonable one to do the receptionist work because I had been a receptionist and because the team that I worked for were all away away in business, and I would not need to cater to them in person that day. That day I was the receptionist and I was able to do work from the receptionist computer and the day went smoothly. That is an example of something that happened at my place of employment that wasn’t the schedule.
    Please use the Star method for the answer.
  2. What was the worst customer service experience you received and how did you respond to it?
    A. Business banking on-line support. I recently opened an on-line business checking account. When checking statements, I found several fraudulent transactions that amounted to several thousands of dollars. I called customer support and they said they would have to look into this, and they would call back in 24 to 48 hours. After 48 hours with no call, I called back. They said they will open an incident and it would take up to 90 days to investigate. I explained that my business cannot afford to wait for 90 days to investigate. After repeated phone calls and emails, they finally returned the funds to my account. I learned that it is imperative be nice on every encounter. Be persistent and note dates, time, case numbers and names of the support person. Change banks from a main bank provider that I can go into and talk to a business banker.
    Angry people, but always talk to them and try to do my best. All the time they felt happy when they talked to me.
    Ironically, enough, my worst experience was with an airline carrier. I was traveling on vacation with my daughter and my grandson. My grandson had run out of water and I told my daughter to go ask the flight attendant for water. When she got to the flight attendant, all the way in the front of the aircraft, she asked her for water and the flight attendant told her she had to wait until she came by with the cart to offer beverages. My daughter told her, “I have a three-year-old who is hysterical because he wants water and his water finished“ the flight attendant proceeded to say, “well you have to wait“. my daughter proceeded to say, “Miss are you really gonna make me and my three year old wait for water” the other flight attendant that was near nearby, listening, told her, “just give her the water I’m not doing this today “. So my daughter got a bottle of water and then when she was trying to make her way back to us, and to her son, the first flight attendant, who refused to give her the water position the beverage cart in front of my daughter expecting for her to wait for her to serve each and every person before us, before she can sit back in her seat and give my grandson water; my daughter, who was taught to use her manners at all time, asked the flight attendant, “ ma’am, do you expect me to wait for you to serve all these customers before I can get to my son, do you? And she annoyed and upset let my daughter get by. When she approached us with her beverage cart, my daughter asked for more water and I asked for a coffee, and we politely said thank you and she never responded to neither of us, indicating she had an attitude with us. That was by far the most unnecessary bad experience and customer service that we have experienced.
    I would have to say most recently, the worst customer service I’ve experienced would probably be at a fast food restaurant. I went there and ordered in the drive through, the person who took my order completely butchered my order, and I politely let them know that it was wrong. She immediately had a horrible attitude and made me feel like it was a burden that I wanted my order correctly. I then got to the second window and checked the food in my order and it was still a completely different order from what I ordered so once again I let them know that my order was not correct and it took an extra couple minutes for them to fix it, so in the end it took way longer than I expected for a satisfied result.
    The worst customer service experience I had was when I ordered food from a service and the food was completely different than the order I placed. On top of that, the food was cold like it had been sitting out for a while and it was not handled properly as it had been thrown around. I got upset and called the customer service hotline and they gave me a full refund of the order.
  3. When was a time when a coworker asked for help at work but you were busy doing a different task?
    I try to make my subject, and then I go and help my cowworker.
    An example of a time when a coworker asked for help, is when I was working as a caregiver for elderly residents that have dementia and Alzheimer’s. and in the facility I was working it we were very understaffed. And my coworker asked me to help her with a resident who was not cooperating with their medication , which happens a lot so and she needed help with them immediately because that particularly resident needed to have his meds at a certain time every night. I was already in the process of giving another resident a shower, so I very quickly had to make sure that I finished bathing my patient and got them dressed as fast as possible. After I finished helping her I then went back to my resident to finish aiding them.
    When I was working at a Store as a warehouse associate. I was processing a customer return and one of my coworkers came and asked what was the SKU number on an item for a return she was doing while I was in the middle of doing that customer's return. I wrote on a piece of paper step by step instructions on which systems to go to while processing the return.
    I will tell the person that I would help them as soon as I can, I have to take care of my test first and I’ll be right with you to help you with yours.
  4. What are your core values?
    A. Safety – impeccable safety record, Fire Dept Never injured or killed a firefighter on my watch. Never had an accident injury or death while Pilot in command of an airplane. Accountability – I hone up to my mistakes, I hold myself accountable. Integrity – as a career firefighter and pilot integrity is of utmost importance, I always protect my integrity. Kindness – I learned and lived by the “Killum with kindness” when people are mad, empathy I always try to put myself in the others shoes, sometimes people are having a bad day for a totally different reason. Loyalty – I am loyalty to my family, friends and employer, honesty – I tell people what on my mind not what they want me to say. Dependability I live by this motto – early is on time, and on time is late.
    Empathy, responsability, and happy to learn new things
    My core values are loyalty, honesty, and commitment.
  5. Tell me about a time you had a work commitment running late that prevented you from a personal commitment.
    A. Throughout my fire service career, I have worked 48 hours on and 96 hours off. Because we sleep at the firehouse, we get calls anytime, day or night. My shift starts at 07:00 am and end 48 hours later at 07:00 am. It is common to have calls at 06:00 am off going day. For that reason, my family and I know, I get home when I get home. If we are planning an important activity where we cannot be late, I take the night off before the event/commitment
    I plan my personal life around work. I tend to plan casual activities that won't have much of an impact rather I show up on time not late.
  6. Describe a situation in which you were under a tight deadline.
    A. My last assignment before I retired was to write a nomination for C.E.R.T leader of the year. I was given the assignment two weeks before the deadline. Our CERT leader was a volunteer, retired Battalion Chief Bob out of LA City Fire Department. Bob had a long career dating back 40 years. I respected Bob and all he and his team did for the entire City and County. This was a national award I worked on and off duty to make sure Bob got the award. I had to write a letter of support to all the stakeholders in the entire county to go into the nomination process. Time was of the essence to get all the facts, data, letters in before the deadline. Bob received the award!
    In my last job I was responsible for a project of a mobile game development. We knew that our competitors were working on a similar game, and my goal was to ensure that we release the game before they do. It was a tricky situation, because we had a small team of programmers, much smaller than they had, and we were behind them at the start of the development. But I applied agile project management, and motivated people to work many hours each week. We were a small team, but I made people enthusiastic for the project, and for the proposition of beating a bigger company in both speed and quality. I was balancing on a thin ice though, because I did not want my people to experience burnout, and we were working under pressure to meet this deadline. But eventually we managed to get the job done, and released the game before our competitor.
  7. Tell me what you know about Frontier Airlines.
    Frontier had been in business for many years. The new Frontier airlines, which has nothing but the name of the previous one, is a low-cost carrier offering exceptional customer service and safety to its passengers.
  8. Tell me about a time you had a confrontation with a coworker.
    I once had to work with a colleague who was in the habit of mispronouncing my name. After correcting them the first time, they insisted I was overreacting and made no effort to change. As my frustration grew, I approached our manager, who offered to issue them a warning. I felt this likely affected my relationship with other colleagues, so I decided to speak with the colleague one last time. I explained the cultural significance of my name and why it was important to me. The conversation seemed to help them understand, and they immediately made an effort to change.
  9. Why would you make a good flight attendant?
    Because I have experience in the world of aviation as a trained flight attendant, I have excellent customer service, I know many terms and regulations, I love serving others and creating memorable experiences for passengers.
    Multiple years experience,
  10. What Frontier destination would you like to go to?
    the Dominican Republic
    Dominican Republic
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