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Free Horizon Air Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What are your hobbies?
    Some of my hobbies are making inspiration boards on latest fashion and art. learing and watching cooking tutorials. and travel.
    Hiking, surfing, and travel
  2. Which of our company values are most important to you?
    Safety! I like to represent a company with a strong responsibility for safety.
  3. Do you know our Company values?
    Yes, do the right thing.
  4. How would you handle racism?
    I would try to accommodate the victim of racism to the best of my abilities
  5. How would you handle a child refusing to wear a mask?
    I would let them know that I understand while it can certainly be frustrating that it is important to wear a mask for themselves and the safety of others.
  6. How would you handle gossip?
    I would avoid it.
  7. Tell us about a time that you turned a customer's frustration into joyfulness?
    There was this one time I was working with some passngers at my current job at the Boise Airport. We were on a maintenance delay. I was helping this newlywed couple get to thier honeymoon in Cancun. They were going to miss thier connecting flight they weren a little frustrated and concerned about getting to there destination and i was looking for alternate routes. There was luckily another flight leaving there 45 minutes later so I transferred them onto that flight and got their new tickets and bags rerouted. They were before thankful that I helped them and this new flight route got them into Cancun a little earlier then their original flight route would have
  8. What would you do if you heard someone talking bad about another co worker behind their back?
    Ask them if they would not spread negativity around the work place
  9. How would you make an unhappy customer happy?
    Try and understand how they are taking the situation and work with them in finding answer
  10. What excites you about relocating and why?
    Would love to have a fresh reset. New job, new city, new relationships.
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