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Free Mesa Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What does hospitality mean to you?
    Means going above and beyond to provide customer service and keep everyone safe on danger situations also solve problems real fast without escalation
    Hospitality to me means a friendly extended greeting of welcoming passengers or guest your customer services
  2. What kind of thing do you do for a hobby or for fun?
    I like to play soccer and watch soccer games .
    I love to listen to music which is a passion of mine. I also love to watch classic movies
    cheerleading, hiking, baking, playing bass
  3. Do you have any flight attendant experience?
    I don't have any but I have good customer service skills and hospitality and aware of safety procedures and I'm also CPR certified
    I do not but I do posess some knowledge by watching other flight attendants
    Unfortunately I have no experience being a flight attendant. Although I will not let that discourage me.
  4. How many jobs have you had in the past?
    4 jobs
  5. Why do you think you will be a good fit for the company?
    As my resume states I have a lot of customers service experience and I like to provide customer service to customers and keep customers visit memorable and I'm always very very safety and security aware and I'm flexible for the company needs including working anytime and last minute calls.
    With my background and experience in the transportation industry
    With my background and experience with a major airline my expertise with customer service and emergency procedures would be an asset to your organization.
  6. What is your biggest accomplishment?
    Receiving my high school diploma at showing age .
    My biggest accomplishment was completing a 5k mile run for the Susan B. Komen Breast Walk
    My biggest accomplishment was receiving my Ph.D.
    After recovering from an illness I was able to conquer all obstacles in my path and graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA.
    While I was still in High School, I competed in Skills USA. Skills USA is an technical competition that ranges from hair and nails to construction. I competed in Audio Visual Presentation. Me and my team made it all the way to nationals, which was no easy feat. It took months of hard work, dedication, and cross training.
  7. What is something you could be better at?
    Listening clearly when someone has a question before answering quickly, because it may not be the answer to what one was expecting.
    I could probably be better at managing a budget, as this is my first time really being on my own. I'm doing this by using a website and keeping track of my expenses.
  8. Can you conceal tattoos and piercings in company uniform?
    Yes my tattoo is on the lower part of my back and never visible.
    I don't have any tattoos or piercing to conceal. I am old school.
    I don't have tattoos or piercings (other than my ear lobes)
    I have no Tattoos, so yes. Easily.
  9. What do you know about Mesa Airlines?
    Mesa is a small airline that started in the 1980's as a family based company out of Farmington, New Mexico, went Public in 1987
    They are a small airline that is based in Arizona
    Mesa started in the 80’s. They have 5 hubs
    They are a pretty entry level job for flight attendants. Lots of people use it as a starting point and move on.
  10. Explain a time when you felt you weren't treated properly as a customer.
    There was a time I needed banking information and the representative was having a bad day. He did not ask me any of the Security questions to get started and kept on putting me on hold for long periods of time
    There was a time in a store I felt like I was being discriminated against whenever I brought up the same coupon someone else did and they accepted theirs and denied mine. They wouldn’t give me a reasoning behind why they wouldn’t accept it either was just very rude to me about it.
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