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Free PSA Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Describe a time you had to work with a co-worker who was not pulling their weight.
    A team member was not contributing effectively. said person was always having me in the a position. I chose to have a conversation with them and found out they were having some problems at home and wasn't getting enough sleep. We were able to provide support and they were able to contribute more effectively as a result."
  2. Describe a negative customer service experience you turned around.
  3. Tell us what teamwork means to you.
    Teamwork means being able to work with others in a group, to achieve a goal or complete a task in a efficient way.
    Teamwork means being able to work with others in a group, to achieve a goal or complete a task in a efficient way.
  4. Do you have any time off requirements that we should know in advance?
  5. What was your previous job/current role?
    I work for American Airlines as a customer service/ramp agent.
    I was a waitress for Norwegian cruise lines.
    Flight Attendant and nurse at a HealthCare facility
    I am a volunteer for American red cross serving inside the naval hospital as a Fitrep coordinator.
    My current job is a customer Service Representative for an international Insurance Company
    Texas Roadhouse as a Key hourly Manager
  6. Do you have any commitments that will prevent you from completing training?
  7. When are you available to start?
    As soon as possible
    As soon as possible
    In 2 weeks.
  8. Will you be relocating?
    Yes I will relocate
    Yes I will be able to relocate
    No, I live in Columbus OH, which is not that far from Dayton, OH.
  9. Do you have a valid passport?
    Yes I have a passport
    Yes I have a valid passport.
    Yes, my passport expires in July of 2029
    No. But it is being processed.
  10. Why do I want to be a Flight attendant and how I would I fit in.
    I love working with people and I have experience with airport situations.
    I was a flight attendant for 18 years I have alot of experience
    I believe I have good customer service skills.
    I have a wide range of skills that I believe would be beneficial to your company. To start off with the ones that I believe are most relevant is that I have excellent communication skills that have been refined by my many years of experience working in the customer service industry. And, over the years, while working in various types of customer service related jobs, it has legitimately taught me a lot about how to communicate with a wide range of diverse people from all over the world. My waitressing experience taught me how to deal with difficult customers quickly and efficiently.
    I'm at a good time in my life to pursue my dream and passion with an aviation career. To share a long time goal with an Airline Company. I would fit as leadership, diversity, and a team player.
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