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Free PSA Airlines Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. How would you contribute to the airline?
    I will contribute to PSA Airlines with my personality of helping others and the experience and knowledge I have gained in the customer service industry.
    By utilizing my 7 years of experience in customer service for the benefit of the company while maintaining integrity, professionalism, and being responsible in order to achieve the company's goals and objectives!
  2. Tell me about a time that you worked with a difficult employee and how did you make that experience better?
  3. Describe a time you had to work with a co-worker who was not pulling their weight.
    A co-worker had been showing up to shifts late, not contributing, and excessively going missing at work. I decided that I should talk to her before she was terminated. After having a heart to heart conversation with her I came to find out she had a parent that was terminally sick. After that talk, we went and talked to upper management. We (the company) started supporting her in whatever she needed. Just a little bit of empathy goes a long way.
    A team member was not contributing effectively. said person was always having me in the a position. I chose to have a conversation with them and found out they were having some problems at home and wasn't getting enough sleep. We were able to provide support and they were able to contribute more effectively as a result."
  4. Describe a negative customer service experience you turned around.
    I worked for Atlas Airlines and we do charter flights for the military and also vip for football teams and I had experience and picked up vip flights for the team for Pen-state and Minnesota ,and Pen state team had to fly back to Pen state from Atlanta, and sudden thing happen while taxiing ,and i was in charge of upper-deck and captain asked me if I can call our maintenance guy ,and so purser communicated with the captain and she called each station to tell us the problem and so we was being patience until after 4 hours and so i made sure every one was served with waters or juice and i communicated with purser about their snacks to serve due to one of vip pax was very frustrated and angry, and so to calm them down I made sure I gave her information every minute I have a chance to get info from the captain, and made sure I asked if they need any snacks or drinks.
  5. Tell us what teamwork means to you.
    Team work is a must specially coming from a big group of crew making sure communicate calmly and so much respect to make sure everyone is in the same page ,even when i was doing crj and erj i made sure to fully communicate with my captain and fo to be in the same page and making sure everything is perfect in the back even its just me communicating to ur captain and fo is a must but making sure you know when there not busy on their task .
    Teamwork means being able to work with others in a group, to achieve a goal or complete a task in a efficient way.
    Teamwork means being able to work with others in a group, to achieve a goal or complete a task in a efficient way.
  6. Do you have any time off requirements that we should know in advance?
  7. What was your previous job/current role?
    I was a flight attendant for a charter flights for Boeing 747/767 aircraft
    I work for American Airlines as a customer service/ramp agent.
    I was a waitress for Norwegian cruise lines.
    Flight Attendant and nurse at a HealthCare facility
    I am a volunteer for American red cross serving inside the naval hospital as a Fitrep coordinator.
    My current job is a customer Service Representative for an international Insurance Company
    Texas Roadhouse as a Key hourly Manager
  8. Do you have any commitments that will prevent you from completing training?
  9. When are you available to start?
    As soon as possible
    As soon as possible
    In 2 weeks.
  10. Will you be relocating?
    Yes I will relocate
    Yes I will be able to relocate
    No, I live in Columbus OH, which is not that far from Dayton, OH.
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