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I graduated from Southern Illinois University in December 1999, and flew the EMB 135/145 for ExpressJet (Continental Express).

In April 2001, a bunch of my college friends were preparing to interview at ExpressJet. They each called me to get the "gouge" on the interview. After a few lengthy phone conversations with each of them, all 4 of them were hired. Word quickly spread that I had the "secret" to get hired. After many more lengthy phone conversations I knew it was time to start a website to share this information with the world.

The website has grown larger than I ever could have imagined. We've literally helped people around the globe to land their dream jobs. We've also been fortunate to help 138 college students cover part of their flight fees through our scholarship program. To date we’ve donated over $325,000 in scholarships and our endowment is worth over $100,000!

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