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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Copa Airlines

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Tell me about a time you had to make a decision quickly.
  3. How do you feel about moving to Panama?
    I think Panama is a beautiful country with wonderful people. I can be happy living anywhere.
  4. Tell us about why you wanted to be a pilot, how you got started and career progression?
    I want to be a pilot since I have memory, I began study aviation when I was eighteen years old and since that moment I never stoped flying. I finished my commercial pilot license and then I worked in a air taxi company, then I completed the minimum fly time to be a CFI and I'm working as a instructor right now in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  5. What would you do if a crew member had been drinking?
    i speak with her or his and made that this person say that he or she cant fly or if that person insist that can fly, speak with another person whit autority to change her or his
  6. What is the definition of a cold front and what is the associated weather?
    A cold front occurs when a mass of cold dense and stable air advances and replaces a body of warmer air. It is associated with heavy weather such as thunderstorm, heavy rain/hail/lightning and may produce tornadoes. It is also producing squall line. High due point and falling baro pressure are indicative of cold front.
  7. What is a squall line?
    It is a continuous narrow line active of thunderstorms ahead of cold front but can develop far removed of any front. May be too long to detour, too thick to penetrate. It forms very rapidly reach Max intensity in late afternoon or early evening. IT IS THE SINGLE MOST INTENSE WEATHER HAZARD FOR AIRCRAFT.
  8. What is the definition of CRM?
    CRM is a system which allows optimum use of all available resources - equipment, procedures, interpersonal communication, team work - all to promote safety and enhance efficiency in operations
    the objetive of the crm is create a good work ambient to decresed the work load and stress in the crew members
  9. What makes a good captain or what do you expect from a Captain?
    First of all to be honest. Situational awareness inside and outside a cockpit, relating to what is happening regards to people, places and things.
    one that is knowledgeable, decisive, conservative and safety conscious, good people skills, superior communication skills, solid piloting skills, can manage stress and avoid confrontation
  10. Why Copa?
    In spite of the global economic crisis, Copa is picking-up. Friends of mine are telling, is a great company and coutry.
    new aircraft, great routes and destinations, great screening and hiring process so hiring good pilots, panama is a lovely country, tired of freezing cold winters, comapny well managed and prosperous
    copa airlines is considered the best airline in america center and had another goal like best crew members, so it will be a good airline for work
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