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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Delta Air Lines

  1. How did you get involved in flying?
    Throughout my childhood, I would tag along with my dad to work. He worked line service at a large FBO. I would assist in towing, fueling and customer service. Often I was asked by owners to wash their airplanes and even got paid to do so. I would often ride along during recreational flights and even a few instruction flights. I loved it and always wanted to be at the airport. Ever since then I have had the urge to fly and be around flying.
    I do not have a specific moment than I can recall such as a first flight or family lineage. I have just always admired flight and looking to the sky for every plane or bird flying over me as far as i can remember.
    I thought you had to be a fighter pilot to make a career of flying and it didn’t happen for me. In college, a friend’s dad offered to teach us how to fly and I paid for us both to solo. He stopped and I continued flying.
    I'm a third generation airline pilot. It's in my blood.
    My father was a pilot and I would go on trips with him whenever I had the chance
    When i was 5 i visited Kennedy space center and was just so excited and amazed that it got in my blood and stayed there. Once flight sim came out it sealed the deal on what i had to be.
  2. Tell me about a time I had a conflict with a passenger.
    We had a handicapped person wanting to sit in the exit row and refused to move when the flight attendant asked so i went back and asked the person and they still refused so i kindly explained the reason why he couldn't sit in the exit row and warned him the aircraft would not move until he moved to a new seat
  3. Tell me about a time a member of your crew had a conflict with ground personnel.
    Speak about the situation but always make sure you end with a positive. That can be a takeaway, resolution or resolve for future situations.
  4. What would you do if you had passengers and you were going to be late?
    Advise them of our new ETA and advise of them of any authorized concessions or provisions made to remedy the situation
  5. What would you do if the Captain was having a conflict with the Flight Attendant?
    When I was asked this, they said the FA was the captain's ex-wife. So it wasn't going to be resolved. I told the FA I'd be the main POC and depending on how bad it was, bring it up to the chief pilot since it creates an unsafe environment, potentially. Also, I'd try to crack a joke to diffuse the tension.
    Diffuse the situation
  6. They decide to move the cargo more aft. What does this do?
    change the cg
  7. You are on the 173 radial with a heading of 180 and you want to intercept the 138 course -- what heading should you fly?
  8. Have you ever had a DUI?
  9. Do you have any traffic violations?
    The exact question was more like, "tell me about these traffic tickets." I just said a received several speeding tickets when I was young and dumb but had not received any for more than a decade.
    i have never had one
  10. Why do you want to work for Delta?
    I want to work for a world class company and be proud when I tell people who I fly for
    Great working conditions and people.
    the desire to be treated well and fly with great crews
  11. Stephen S

    (Hired at Delta Air Lines)

    The gouge was actually very accurate and helpful. It was definitely legitimate. Just the descriptions of what to expect from people who very recently went though it was a huge stress reliever. Thank you for this service. It helped me get my dream job at Delta.

    May 14, 2024  

    Wesley D

    (Hired at Delta Air Lines)

    I have successfully received 4 CJOs at various regional, low-cost, and major airlines and received helpful guidance from this site. I recommend this site to any and every pilot who is pursuing a new job.

    Apr 27, 2024