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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Great Lakes Airlines

  1. Why Great Lakes?
  2. Who was your most difficult Student?
    The most difficult student is the one that wants to learn to fly, has just barely enough money to do it, and very little time to dedicate to the process. I have had many of these students and the way to get past the three obstacles is to set forth a plan of action that will give them very specific items to study and exactly how they need to perform to move forward.
  3. What is MOCA?
    Minimum Obstacle Clearance that provides obstable clearance between Vor airways. It also ensures VOR coverage 22nm from the nearest VOR
    Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude, lowest altitude that assures obstacle clearance but does not ensure navigational signal
  4. What is MEA?
    Obstacle clearance: 1,000' non-mountainous; 2,000' mountainous within the limits of the airway (4NM either side of centerline)
    Minimum En Route Altitude, lowest altitude on that airway that assures obstacle clearance and acceptable navigational reception.
  5. What is GRID MORA?
    *** A bit of clarification -- YES, Jepp Lesson #11 says, "On Jeppesen charts, all MORA altitudes which are 6,000 feet or lower have an obstacle clearance of 1,000 feet. If the MORA altitudes are 7,000 feet or greater, the obstacle clearance is 2,000 feet." But I agree that it makes no sense -- what about the altitudes between 6,000 and 7,000? I believe this is in error. In the Jepp Chart Glossary entry for Grid MORA, it says the Grid Mora will clear by 1,000 feet all terrain and obstacles up to 5,000 feet MSL, and will clear by 2,000 feet everything 5,001 MSL and above. ***
    It's an altitude derived by Jepp or provided by state authorities. If derived by Jepp, Grid MORA clear all terrain and structures by 1000' in areas where highest elevations are 5000' MSL or lower. MORA values clear all terrain and structures by 2000' in areas where highest elevations are 5001' MSL or higher. Grid MORA (State) altitude supplied by the State Authority provides 2000' clearance in mountainous areas and 1000' in non-mountainous areas. Also... a +/- denote doubtful accuracy but are believed to provide sufficient reference point clearance.
    re. previous entry, I know the 6,000 and 7,000 altitudes don't make sense. That's exactly how it's worded in the Jeppesen lesson. I think the correct altitude is: below 5,000ft. obstacle clearance is 1,000ft., and above 5,000ft. it's 2000ft obstacle clearance. Maybe 6,000 ft- im not sure.
    MORA stands for Minimum Off-Route Altitude. On Jeppesen charts, all MORA altitudes which are 6,000 feet or lower have an obstacle clearance of 1,000 feet. If the MORA altitudes are 7,000 feet or greater, the obstacle clearance is 2,000 feet. A grid MORA is for the Lat-Long grid for that sector of the chart. A 'route' Mora is rare because of assigned MEA's, but are depicted by an "a" following the altitude number. An example can be seen east of the Chosi VOR in Japan, Oceanic Route OTR 11 has a MORA of 1700a. Reference: Jeppesen free 'Chart Clinic' series, Lesson #11 from Jeppesen.com .
  6. How was your flight to Denver?
  7. What has been your biggest sacrifice through out your flying and training?
    What haven't I sacrificed. Money, social life, sleeping in, a traditional college experience.
  8. Who is the person you look up to the most and why?
    I look up to my mother the most. She has not had a life that is anywhere near perfect. The strength that she shows regardless of where she has been brings me strength and drives me to succeed for her and for myself.
  9. Have you applied for any other airline?
    Yes, I am actively searching for a first officer position.
  10. If you got a call from another airline, What would make you decide to go or stay with great lakes?
    I feel that if a company is going to trust me with their aircraft, fund my training, and allow me to carrier their most valuable asset, the customers, I will be committed to that company.
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