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Horizon Air Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Horizon Air

  1. Why do you want to work for Horizon?
    Admired the Airline and parent Airline (Alaska) as a business passenger for the last 18 years. Also listened to the former CEO @ a aviation business (NBAA) luncheon a year ago and like the culture and focus... Alaska Airlines has long term career employees and that if for a reason!
    Beacuse I grew up in the PNW and would like to return and live there
    Horizon seems like a great company. I like the Alaska Air Group. Chance to base on the west coast and fly in the PNW and Alaska.
  2. Why should we hire you?
    34 years of aviation experience both flying and technical. Diverse / have worn many hats and proud of my accomplishments.
    I love flying, enjoy working in the cockpit as a crew, and I have some awesome experience so far that I believe will bring something positive to the team.
    I have 17 years of experience, seen many things, and dealt with a lot situations.
  3. How and why you got into aviation?
    Second generation pilot. My father was a USAF fighter pilot and then VP for an aviation insurance company. I liked the structure / culture and discipline required in the industry.
    My father, who is ex Royal Navy, introduced me to flying at age 13. I began my training after high school at age 18. I never looked back.
  4. What is the difference between Blue, Green Airports?
    In reference to Jeppesen charts, Blue airports identify ones that have published instrument approach procedures. Those in Green have no published instrument procedures and are "VFR Only."
    Blue , published procedures and approaches approved for DOD and civilian , green is civilian procedures and approaches only, they both have published procedures, and both serve IFR ops, brown is the only VFR airports no published procedures or instrument approaches.
  5. What factors affect Performance?
    Pressure, temperature, density, weight
  6. What factors influence when you will descend?
    Speed, Wind, Aircraft configuration
  7. When do we need T/O alternate?
    121.617 Whenever the wx is below the opspec for that airport. (Read the reg for more details)
  8. What have you done to improve customer service?
    A smile and professional inward to outward receptiveness of customers need is paramount. I represent the company and professionally wish to convey this along with safety which is # 1.
    I work closely with the gate agent and ground crew, maintenance. Always strive to smile,a willingness to help and especially be "on-time".
  9. Have you ever failed a check ride?
    Yes. Always a learning experience.
  10. What stresses you in the cockpit?
    Flying with someone who thinks they are the only person in the cockpit.
    (Non-checkride scenario) Senior crew member who plays "I've got a secret" or, "guess what I'm thinking". This does not engender trust amongst a crew.
    Not being proud. Appearance, cleanliness.

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