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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Key Lime Air

  1. Why Key Lime?
    Key Lime Air is a growing charter/cargo company that has been around since 1997.They have fought there way through hard economical times and have continued to grow.From what I have seen today, the people are great and professional. Everyone seems to love their job and really care about what they do. Key Lime air flies nice, well maintained aircraft that allow for successful delivery of people and packages. I love the rocky mountain region and everything it has to offer to make me a better pilot in the future. Overall Key Lime Air is a outstanding company and I would be honored to have the opportunity to fly for you
  2. Tell me about your flight time from when you first started.
  3. What was the most difficult part of learning to fly?
    The most difficult part of learning to fly for me was being able to multi-task all the time to stay ahead of the airplane, but I have figured out over time you get use to it and it becomes easy
  4. What are 3 words to describe yourself?
    Loyal, Honest,and on time
  5. What makes a good Captain?
    I believe a good captain is someone who knows what its like to be at the bottom and worked his way up. A good captain is someone who not only knows his aircraft but also makes good aeronautical decision in critical moments. A good captain works well with others and has patients. A good captains listens to others advice and takes it into consideration.
  6. What makes a good FO?
    They seem to be looking for punctuality and ability to communicate
    A good FO makes sure he is well prepared for the days flight and he or she shows up on time and with a good attitude. A good FO flies with an open mind learning everything he can from thier captain about the routes, weather, and aircraft. A good FO does whatever is asked of them, unless it effects the safety of the flight and/or mission. Overall a good first officer dedicates themselves to becoming the best captain possible for the company they are flying for.
  7. What are 3 priorities in life?
    GOd, flying/work, and i'm single so no family,
  8. Have you ever been a leader?
    Yes, In the Air Force as a Staff Sargent overseas
  9. Have you ever failed a checkride?
    Yes, my instrument inital..partial panal VOR approach in actual conditions
  10. Have you ever committed a crime?
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