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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Mesa Airlines

  1. Have you ever been arrested?
    If its one arrest for something petty 10 years ago, theyll let it slide. The more recent it is, the bigger it becomes an issue.
  2. Have you had any DUI"S?
    If its a DUI 10 years ago, theyll let it slide. Less than 10 years, itll be an issue.
  3. Describe your three best qualities.
    Dedicated, humble, inquisitive
  4. What are the qualities of a good FO?
    A person who can get along with almost everyone, yet can stand their ground when needed. A person that is as well versed on the planes systems and procedures as the captain.
  5. Why do you want to work at Mesa?
    Team work. Also want to good company culture.
  6. Captain is taxiing and fumbling with his cellphone. He taxi's into the dirt and the plane gets stuck. He tells you the story is going to be that he swerved around an animal. What do you do?
    This situation is completely preventable by always anticipating the possible need (as an FO) to stomp on the brakes. And don't lie to your employer...if they're asking about an incident they probably already know what happened.
    Be a good FO by backing up the Captain and 1) offering to take the taxi while he handles whatever; 2) preventing the aircraft from leaving the paved surface in the first place. Bottom line it's going to be a blemish on BOTH of you, not just the Captain. Plus you just hosed the pax and the rest of the company's rep by that inaction. But absolutely don't lie.
    Tell the truth? I dunno, I asked my most recent Captain and our jump-seater (a senior United Captain), after the laughing stopped, they pretty much just said "Don't lie".
    Tell the truth about what happened.
  7. Have you had any FAA violations/accidents/ incidents/ letters of warning? Please explain.
    Go to your PRD (pilot record database). All violations/accidents/incidents/warnings will be on there.
  8. Have you had a suspension or revocation of your driver's license?
    The more recent it is, the bigger it becomes an issue.
  9. Have you had any failed check-ride or stage checks? Explain
    Might as well just say the truth. They'll find out anyway in your PRIA. Theres no hiding any checkride failures.. its in your pilot record forever
    Tell the truth. You must say them “what i learn from my fail a check ride”
  10. What are your 3 worst qualities?
    Make the qualities work in a positive way.
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