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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Red Wing Aviation

  1. Can you tell us about your flying history and flying goals?
    I started all my flight training in Arizona. After my flight training, most of my flights were performed in Arizona with some cross-country flights to California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. My multi-engine time building was done in Colorado. I started flight training because I wanted to see more of the world from above and witness scenes other people could not, such as the northern lights in the arctic regions and sunsets over the Caribbean. My end goal is to accumulate such special experiences as much as I can to have many interesting and meaningful stories to tell later after retirement.
  2. If you were offered another flying job would you leave Red Wing?
    I have no intentions to suddenly leave Red Wing just because I was offered another flying job. Even if was necessary, I do not see it to be professional to leave a responsibility given to me without any prior and proper notice.
  3. Would signing a 12 month contract be an issue?
    Not a problem for me
  4. Tell me a time you disagreed with a company policy?
    I have not disagreed with a company policy so far. If there would be an issue, I would try to find the company's reasoning behind such policies and follow them as long as it does not endanger the safety of our operations.
  5. Tell me a time you had conflict in the cockpit?
    I did not have any serious conflicts in the cockpit yet. However if there would be one, I would let go of the issue for the moment as long as it does not endanger the safety of our flight or breaks any regulations. Then I would try to discuss the matter on the ground after the flight has been completed.
  6. What is the speed limit under a Class B shelf?
    200 Knots
  7. What is the holding speed limit at FL260?
    265 knots
  8. What is RVR, is it vertical or horizontal?
    Runway Visual Range, Horizontal
  9. Why do you want to leave your current employer?
    I would like to have more experience in the bigger operations to see more and learn more.
  10. Why do you want to work for Red Wing Aviation?
    I want to advance my career in aviation and move on to a company I can advance from within.
    Advance career in aviation and to move to a company that I can advance from within.
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