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These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Scenic Airlines

  1. What are the three ways to identify BECCA?
  2. What does the GS and altitude mean on the profile part of the instrument chart?
  3. Why Scenic?
  4. Are you hard to manage?
  5. What was the most irresponsible thing you've done flying?
  6. When have you bent the rules?
  7. Let's say the weather is reporting below minimums, your Captain tells you during your brief that upon arriving to the airport, he will drop below 50' below DH so that you can go home, what do you tell him?
    In the event the Captain is going to break regulations tell him that you will report him to the company. My answer was completely different. I wanted to give the Captain a chance to change his mind before I ratted him or her out hoping there will be a change of heart. I told them during the interview that I would use humor or bribe him with a drink or meal. They were laughing about my bribing method.
  8. What is VDP?
    It means visual descent point.
  9. What's the purpose of VDP?
    It is a technique used to put yourself in a safe position to land. It will give you a descent rate of 3 degrees.
  10. How do you calculate VDP?
    To calculate your VDP distance, you take the HAT height above touchdown and divide it by 3. For example 400/3 = 1.3 nm. You then add the MAP 1.7 nm and the distance 1.3 which will give you 3nm to execute your descent.
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