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Seaborne Airlines Study Guide Questions

These study guide questions were submitted by real pilots who actually interviewed with Seaborne Airlines

  1. What is your Total Flight Time?
  2. What ratings do you have?
  3. When did you fly last?
  4. What is your total time in the last 6 months?
  5. What is your total time in the last 12 months?
  6. What class medical do you have?
  7. When did you start flying?
  8. Why did you start flying?
  9. Wx goes below mins past the FAF, can you continue and when you would go missed.
  10. Describe TDZE

  11.    Read 3 Interview Experiences for Seaborne Airlines from other Pilots!

    Feedback from: Hasso H

    Interview and experience questions asked.

    Mar 28, 2023