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MD-11 offer for 3 year contract, after complete of the training. Training consist, 2 month ground, 2 weeks off, then 2 month simm, then start IOE, with 50 sectors. Aproximate time takes uo to 6 month. Schedule was offered 21 days on/ 9 days off. All seemed ok at begining. I had to buy my own ticket to one of their hubs, and from there they where provide theirs ticket to Taiwan. Arrive to Tyowan airport, day before the interview. Take exchange $100 to T$. Take taxi, that's where i start notice, not much english around at all. Give him the addrees, where I need to go. Eva building, in Tyowan, not too far. 15 -20 minut car ride. At the gate, had give one of my ID to guards, in order to get in side of compound. Office building, and accomodation building, are very close, may be 20 feet a part. Security guards are in every entery door, and they are watching you very close on the monitor screens. Imagine live with this... Continue Reading this Interview Experience