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FREE Northern Air Cargo pilot interview information and gouge

I talked with the chief pilot, director of flight operations, and two human resources personnel. The phone interview lasted about 30 minutes. Some of the questions were: Tell me about a time when you were professionally recognized or honored. What can you bring to Northern Air Cargo? What do you know about Northern Air Cargo? If you were a captain and the first officer showed up late and really tired one day after another, how would you handle the situation? Do you use Jeppesen charts? What is the circle in the upper right hand corner? What are the standard minimums for Cat I approaches? Tell me about your flying experience. Tell me about a time when you had a close call because of something you did wrong. We want to hear a good story here. Are you OK with working two weeks on, then two off in the lower 48 (continental US)? They’ll give you plenty of time for questions. I had lots because there was no posting here or anywhere about NAC.

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