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  • I arrived at 8:30 to the convention center in Chicago. There were 2 other applicants when I got there and I introduced myself and checked in at the desk on the left. The interview was scheduled to begin at 8 am and they called us in at 7:45 so BE EARLY. A 4th applicant arrived right at 7:45 and he was feeling rushed. If you stay at Springhill Sweets, they’ll give you a ride to the interview and from there to the airport after. When we arrived upstairs, we were greeted by Carl (a long time Air Wisconsin Pilot) and Noah (Flight Attendant/Recruiter). They were really nice. We were asked to present our documents that the email requested and then there was a presentation of the company by Carl who was one of the new contract writers. After that, we took a 50 question written test in 15 minutes that had a lot of CRJ-200 questions and fairly basic questions that most proficient pilots could answer. There were a few I couldn’t figure out in the time frame but they didn’t seem to mind so long as you could get a decent amount of them correct. We...

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    Jul 02, 2024
    Very conversational and laid back. No trick questions and all very informal. Met with the manager of pilot hiring, and two recruiters. Introductions were first then right into the interview, (view the study guide of this website).  You’re taxiing out for departure, what are you doing, walk me through your process. Any questions you have for the job? In total I was in the office for 45 minutes including the interview and fingerprinting. They offer both in person interview or...

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    May 28, 2024
    I applied for the pilot position through their website. The application process was straightforward, involving an online form where I uploaded my resume, cover letter, and answered a few preliminary questions about my background and experience. Within two weeks, I received an email inviting me to a group interview session at their...

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    Dec 15, 2023
    Interview was over teams. Really nice people and it lasted about 40 minutes. Started with introductions and “why aviation.” Then worked into some of the proudest moments of my career and what i’ve done to advance my career recently. Talked about any checkride failures, and how i’ve prepared for checkrides. Then went into technical questions. They provided a study guide over the CRJ when they first set up the interview. Highly suggest studying this. They sent over...

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    Oct 09, 2023
    Virtual interview that lasted about 30 minutes give or take. Began with personal introductions, including my own. HR questions were about what you'd expect from those listed on this site. Was asked about a time I made a mistake and how I recovered from that mistake, I chose not to talk about a checkride bust but instead talked about a time we (CFI and myself) violated cloud clearance requirements during a VFR practice approach in which I could tell clouds were coming nearer and nearer before...

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    Oct 09, 2023
    Overall good experience. My interview was done over teams, started with hr questions. Asked about my aviation background. Asked one what would you do question, then asked me to brief a departure out of Dallas and an arrival into Chicago, no approach brief and no questions from the study guide provided. It was over in about 25 minutes. I heard back in 2 days with an offer. Study the study guide on this website and you will do...

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    Oct 03, 2023
    Applied months prior and received an email asking if I was still interested in the position with current job info. Replied I was and had an interview less than a week later. Was about 30 mins on Teams with an HR rep and a pilot on the recruiting team. They were both extremely nice and really seemed like they wanted to be talking to you and interested in what you had to say, not just going through the motions. Had the basic HR questions of why AirWis, tell us about yourself, tell me about a...

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    Oct 03, 2023
    Overall great experience. HR questions first with the typical questions. Tell us about yourself, why AirWis, what kind of conflicts have you had to deal with, disagreement with a captain. Given a CRJ technical packet a day before and they asked questions from that as well as standard IFR stuff. What are flap settings. crosswind limitations. Basic system info. Briefed a taxi out of Memphis to 36L and talked about hotspots. Briefed a SID including altitude and airspeed limits. Briefed an RNAV...

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    Jul 30, 2023
    The interview was conducted with 2 people from HR over the internet. They were very nice and helped me ease into it to make sure I felt comfortable in there because the nerves naturally come up in interviews. They proceeded to ask me questions about myself and my flying journey thus far to get to the ATP minimums. Then the technical portion they had emailed us several days prior to study their callouts and profiles for precision and non-precision approaches as well as basic information on...

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    Interview was virtual and very brief, lasting only about 30 minutes. The recruiter was very friendly. Most of the questions were HR based from the study guide on this website. I was only asked about 4 technical questions. I was asked to brief a taxi, and brief a departure. I was also asked what would I do if I lost an Engine on departure and what would I do if I lost...

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    It was a pretty quick and straight forward interview. A couple of HR type questions, scenario based questions. (view the study guide of this website).  Technical was pretty straight forward. A lot of the questions came right from the given study guide. What is max T/O and land weight, what system is electric, T/O and flap settings. He gave me a clearance that I needed to read back. I briefed the taxi and dep procedure out of Memphis.  Asked how I would fly an RNAV departure if I...

  11. Helped with up to date interview information and expectations. Would highly recommend if your airline you are preparing for has frequent interview reports.

    Jonathan K Oct 22, 2023

    Hired at Air Wisconsin Airlines
    I really liked how the website over-prepared me, so the interview went smooth.

    Matthew W

    Hired at Air Wisconsin Airlines