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Interview was great, well relaxed, and they are great folks to talk to. In the morning you come in for their presentation. About five applicants in my group. The chief pilot and HR introduce themselves in the room and they present with a slide show on the screen, and we get a few breaks in between for coffee, bagels, and beverages. We each get called in one at a time for the interview that lasts about 15-20 minutes.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 14, 2023 Very simple and straightforward. They just want to see that you are personable and will fit into the company culture. They asked a few personal questions and then gave me 2 very simple scenarios. One scenario was about whether I would fly if I noticed my charts were out of date. Very easy answers. I got a call the same day back with a job... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 08, 2023 Resume was sent in on a Monday, one-way interview was offered on Tuesday and completed Wednesday. Two weeks later, I was offered a virtual interview. Scheduled that for first available slot, which was a week later. Interview was super chill. Starts with a one hour presentation about Allegiant, then you log back on for your interview later in the day. The interview itself was very laid back. Questions were about my flying experience and a situational scenario. The scenario asked me about my... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 08, 2023 I interviewed for the Allegiant Pathways program which is meant for pilots with no 121 experience. I was accepted during the interview. It was a great conversation with a captain for 30 minutes. No technical questions. They just want to get to know you and see if you would be a good fit. They did ask if they think I would desire to go beyond Allegiant in the future and I think they want to gauge if you plan to use Allegiant as a stepping stone to a legacy. It was a very chill interview with... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Nov 07, 2023 Overall a really laid back interview.   Everything was covered in the study guide on this website. One of the best interview experiences I’ve had, I was interviewed by two great pilots and it was definitely a conversation style interview... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Oct 24, 2023 Went to an event and filled out my info mid last month. They got back to me within the week and scheduled my one way video interview. Then I got the main virtual interview invite. There were many times available but I was only available today. Same as what everyone else has been saying. Standard hiring yes or no questions followed by some situational stuff. Presentation by the company for an hour at 9am then broken up into individual. Heard back with a job offer about 4 hours after the... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 24, 2023 The interview was just as everyone else mentioned here. Very easy and straight to the point. Company presentation then 1v1, they ask you questions about yourself and then they give you scenarios pretty easy they asked me if I wanted the Airbus or the Boeing I didn’t mind one or the other. I got called back less than 30 min after the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 24, 2023 Just like everyone else mentioned, it was a very relaxed and pleasant experience. Started the day with an 8am EST company brief which lasted for one hour. Then you just wait until your interview time slot and log back into teams. Interview with two great pilots and it’s definitely a conversation style interview. Asked me about why I started flying and what motivates me, No technical questions. Then ran through my resume and then finished up with a few scenario based questions, (see... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 18, 2023 Did the online application on a Monday, invite for one-way virtual interview on Thursday, completed on Friday. The following Monday got the invite for behavioral assessment and group virtual interview. I was able to schedule the virtual interview 2 days later, but the schedule did look pretty booked for the next 2 weeks. Took 10 days overall from first application to job offer, and then 6 weeks to class date. The one-way interview was pretty straightforward, 4 very easy questions (have you... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Oct 18, 2023 Interview was super laid back, wore a suit and they let me know i could lose the jacket and the tie. Was conducted by two Allegiant pilots, was more of a conversation. Asked some scenario based questions regarding passengers which I struggled with since I’ve only flown boxes. Stated numerous times they didn’t want to hear the airline interview answers, they just wanted to hear my answer. Overall pretty positive... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Oct 16, 2023 All of the scenarios and study questions presented in this guide were very accurate. I studied hard, or so I thought, but this was a tricky interview. If you're a CFI thinking that this is going to be similar to a regional airline interview, it's not. Allegiant is considered a major airline, don't forget that! They're expecting you to have an in-depth knowledge of these scenarios. If, like me, you are coming in with zero 121 experience, you may find this interview a bit hard. I was being... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Adam G

    (Hired at Allegiant Air)

    I think the program is very helpful to pilots preparing for interviews.

    Nov 12, 2023  

    Ryan D

    (Hired at Allegiant Air)

    Aviation Interviews was a fantastic resource and it definitely helped me get through the interview and claimed my nerves.

    Oct 27, 2023