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Standard ICAO ATPL theory knowledge test, not too difficult.

Personal interview whith a board, approach briefing is... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Question bank has change since FEB 23. If you don't pass written exam during first attempt you will have a chance to write 2nd test which will be ATP Prepare based. Written test. 40 qestions, 80% pass rate. Questions like: pilot recency (90days), oxygen for crew requirements, colour of anti-ice fluid IV, departure alternate definition, final reserve fuel at dest., speed adjustment while entering holding (3 min. prior)` Very professional and relaxed ambiance. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. The assessment has 5 steps 1. Simulator either 777 or 330 depend on your type-rating. Did following the syllabus. 2. Written test. ASA ATP, I recommend its App in App store. 40 questions 80% passed. 3.Interview : 1. Group discussion in any scenario,  after that, Individual interview with Pilots and HR. For me They asked a lot with my application but a few in aviation. 4. English test. Nothing just conversations and your opinions. 5. Medical Check as normal. I read in this board... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Standard ICAO ATPL theory knowledge test, not too difficult. Personal interview whith a board, approach briefing is asked for Taipei ILS 05R or L asking about expected threats. Asked about type preference, requested & got A330 as coming with A320 experience. SIM: A330 precisely getting the profile got before. Some hand flying, approach, landing with FD... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. MD-11 offer for 3 year contract, after complete of the training. Training consist, 2 month ground, 2 weeks off, then 2 month simm, then start IOE, with 50 sectors. Aproximate time takes uo to 6 month. Schedule was offered 21 days on/ 9 days off. All seemed ok at begining. I had to buy my own ticket to one of their hubs, and from there they where provide theirs ticket to Taiwan. Arrive to Tyowan airport, day before the interview. Take exchange $100 to T$. Take taxi, that's where i start... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. EVA Air flew me to Taipei for the interview at no charge. The accomdation was also free and was on the EVA Air compound. The interview process is a set of stages, and you have to pass each stage to continue to the next day. Day 1 was the SIM evaluation on the B747-400. It consisted of a normal take off, a departure procedure, some air work like shallow turns and steep turns, followed by a visual approach to a landing. The SIM was then re-positioned for another take off. This time I was... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Day 1; Simulator ride; B747-400 Its like a training event, they give you flight director and use of autopilot is allowed when you're briefing the approach. First, you do a normal T.O fly the Sikoum1 departure to 5,000ft and then they'll set you up for a 180 degree steep turn, if you satisfy them during the first turn you will move on to do a departure stall(terrain is a factor, so do not lose any altitude, you are allowed to gain alt up to 200ft.)As I said, its like a training event, if they... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Application for F/O POSITION I went for Taipei from LAX(USA).After 14Hs30min, in a terrible and terrible EVA`S economic class with a cold passenger in my side we reached Taipei. I went to EVA`s building and I went to my apartment. My simulator text was at 11AM in a day after.I was in a terrible JETLEG. The check pilot was a B767 Pilot Chief, Mr. Harryman, famous for provide bad valuations for many pilots,including pilots from major Airlines and some Brazilians CAPTS. I went for a... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. 1100am Sim briefing. Went over profiles that were emailed to me prior to interview. SIM ride in B767 full motion sim, dual cue flight directors. Started with flaps 5 T/O and hand flew Sikou 1M departure to 5,000'. Next, steep turns hand flown through 180 degrees of turn in both directions. Departure stall with flaps 20 in a 25 degree bank at 5,000'. Radar vectors to ILS RWY 5, used autopilot to descend and brief approach, then hand flew ILS with 1,000' ceiling. Did touch and go,... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. I started by downloading an application from Eva's website, and FedEx'd the completed package to Taipei. I got a phone call late Monday evening, the they received the application. He was looking for some clarification and some more details, mainly on my training records. The next day I faxed him the additional information and he called back to set up an interview date 2 weeks away. He then called back twice more moving the interview earlier each time, and by Saturday I was on an Eva flight... Continue reading this interview experience

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