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Completed short phone interview a few days after applying to verify hours, willingness to commute, etc. Video interview scheduled at that time.

Was sent two STARs and an interview prep guide with an overview of the company, some limits, and EPs, told to memorize... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Sep 01, 2022 Very friendly and straight forward interview. All of the questions I was asked are in the gouge. They give a good powerpoint for the first 15 mins or so that covers a lot of information about the company. 5 or so questions from the HR side. For the technical we covered the 2 STAR plates the send out, a couple of IFR questions, and then a few of the limitations and memory items from the study material they send out. Received an email with open class dates that same... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jul 07, 2022 The interview was just as described as others have said. 45 minutes long, know the all of EPs and limits they send you along with the approach/STAR plates and you’ll do fine. They will ask you about continuing an approach after the FAF if weather drops below minimums. They’ll also give you a scenario of having passengers that are demanding another passenger be removed from the plane, they seemed to want you to just contact security. Have 3 qualities for a good FO/Captain... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 21, 2022 By the book interview, very simple. Starts with a company overview, then some HR questions. "What would you do if a Captain on the controls blows through DA on an ILS". Only technical question not covered in the powerpoint was can you continue on the ILS if visibility drops below minimums after you cross the FAF (yes). STARs mostly asking about whether you can do them with DME IRS system (some of their aircraft don't have GPS). Memorize the study guide they send out with EPs and... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 10, 2022 The interview is on MS Teams. Dress nice. Interview starts with a company Powerpoint, then moves on to HR. HR asks typical HR questions, "Tell us about your Aviation experience", "How do you think you will handle training", "Why iAero?", etc. The interview then shifts to Tech questions. Memorize the EP's and Limits they give you. They asked for nearly all the Limits. Have the two STARs handy to look at, there are a couple of questions concerning those.... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. May 26, 2022 Received call from member of hiring team for an initial phone screening. Joval conversation just looking to get to know you. Received an email from HR to schedule the HR and tech interview. Interview was via TEAMS. Watched a video about the company and started the HR portion: Basic HR and TMAAT questions, the gouge on this sight does a good job to get your basic catalog of answers to use and expound on. Received study material 3 days prior to interview. Learn the material, dress for... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. May 19, 2022 Very comfortable interview. Direct questions and non-threatening atmosphere. Was done over Microsoft Teams. I initially submitted my resume online and didn't hear anything for about a week and half. Reached out to a recruiter who was part of a Facebook group I am in and heard back the next day (he stated they receive a ton of applications so it's best to reach out if you haven't heard back after a week). I scheduled the interview 3 weeks later due to personal reasons, though he had an... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. May 16, 2022 Study the guide they sent you and you'll do fine. Relaxed interview with HR and another line pilot. They tell you a little about the company and how they are trying to change things for the better and gave me a choice of training dates in the next couple of months. Like everyone says they ask no trick... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. May 05, 2022 Overall great experience during the interview. Submitted application almost six months ago, and sent a few emails to the recruiting department before finally hearing back and getting an interview slot. Received email with basic interview information, along with two STARs and some emergency procedure/limitations to memorize. The interview itself was very relaxed. Started with a presentation on the company and then moved into the TMAAT/scenario questions and finally the technical portion which... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. May 05, 2022 Everything was simple and all the response's were just correct, they want you here a few memory items and HR questions. Make sure you have a... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. May 02, 2022 They asked questions about emergency procedures of the Boeing 737. They asked questions about STAR or DP.  They asked me questions about an ILS approach. They asked me what makes a good captain and FO. (view the study guide of this... Continue reading this interview experience

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    May 04, 2022