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Most of the gouge on this site was still correct. I flew in on jetBlue and was treated very, very well by their inflight crewmembers. I took a cab from T5 at JFK to the Holiday Inn in Long Island City. Stayed there on points. It's a pretty nice hotel with a restaurant downstairs. It was recently renovated and so was quiet and comfortable. I walked to the jetBlue building in the morning -- took less than 10 minutes and did not feel unsafe at any time during the walk.
Upon entering the jetBlue / MetLife building you sign in on a clipboard at the security desk. As other interviewees trickled in we introduced ourselves. Finally someone came to get us and took us up to the 7th floor where we went into a small, comfortable waiting room. There was plenty of bottled water there and we were encouraged to drink up. One at a time we were taken out to have our fingerprints taken and then brought back to the waiting room. A really funny gentleman named Joe came in and asked who was ready to "go". When you felt that you were sufficiently hydrated, Joe took you back - again one at a... Continue Reading this Interview Experience