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Great experience, they truly make you feel welcomed. Very friendly, enthusiastic, and informative group of people working at Jet Blue. You get to the interview and they will take you up for processing and finger printing. Then afterwords they will introduce the company and its chief pilots. They will pull you one by one for a two panel TMAT session (about 5 to 6 questions). One person from the “People Department “ and a Senior Captain. The questions are pretty much same as every other airline. So if I had to offer an advice, just make sure you smile, answer the questions from a CRM perspective and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Dec 08, 2021 Just like everyone else has said… Arrived 30 mins before my interview time. Straight to the cafeteria where they collected our documents. Then 15 minutes later they moved all of us into a conference room and checked our logbooks. Then we were chosen one by one for the interview. There were two interviewers, one HR one was a FO. Asked 2 ice breaker questions, then 6 TMAT questions. Back to the conference room and waited for the chief pilot to interview, once the chief pilot was... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Dec 08, 2021 Same experience everyone else has had. Show up abut 30 minutes prior to your start time in the cafeteria. You can drop your luggage at the front desk. Your paperwork, except logbook, will be taken. Hang out and chat with the other candidates until someone brings you in to a room where they'll have some snacks, and answer any questions you may have: junior bases, aircraft stuff, whatever you want. Someone will take all the logbooks here, and do what they do. In some order, you'll get an... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Dec 08, 2021 Great interview experience. The experience and questions were pretty closely aligned to what you see on this page. If you make it through the video interview they want you to be successful, so my advice would be to stay relaxed so that you can perform well. During the HR portion, the interviewers are writing notes constantly and you don't get a lot of visual queues or encouragement from them (they will warn you of this), but it can be a little unsettling, so be prepared for that. It doesn't... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Dec 07, 2021 Pretty much everything on here was spot on, they re word some of the questions, but mostly the... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Dec 07, 2021 The interview is straightforward. Arrived 30 minutes early & handed in paperwork and logbooks. Hung around the cafeteria until everyone was finished with paperwork. Then headed upstairs and waited to be called. First interview is HR oriented. Tell me about yourself through your résumé in under two minutes. Then five TMAAT questions. Exit interview with one of the Chiefs and you’re free to... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Nov 17, 2021 Started about 30ish minutes late due to morning interviews running long. Turned in PRIA paper work. Stood around and talked to other applicants. They came down and got us about 5 at a time to head upstairs to the “safe room”. They plucked us one at a time for panel and debrief. Tell me a time story question not in study guide: When you had to get a procedure/policy clarified and had to make a quick decision. Otherwise, info here is good. No computer assessment. Started at... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Nov 17, 2021 Laid back, very welcoming. Great interview experience. 5 TMAAT and why Jetblue. Then exit interview with chief pilot, how you got into flying, how many hours you have, checkride failures? Be honest. 72hrs after got an email for phase 2. Still waiting on a CJO. Good... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Nov 17, 2021 Application submitted end of summer Virtual Interview a month later F2F Interview (Orlando) 2 months later Invitation for finger print/ DOT drug test a week after thar.   Class date issuance this month. Walk me through your resume. Then  TMAAT questions.  Study the questions on the gouge, be enthusiastic and confident and you'll be... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Nov 04, 2021 As previous gouges. Straight forward and easy going. 5 TMAT and why B6 and not... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Nov 03, 2021 Very relaxing, they checked in with paperwork package. We moved upstairs met with HR staff Chief Pilots etc. Dropped logbooks and a group of pilots answered questions while awaiting for panel interview. Second half was with a Chief pilot meeting, great guy, very relaxing we talked about companies culture and checkride failure, if apply. They are looking for personality, play their game, most of questions were behavioral, crew relationship and one safety related. Too much drama! Good... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Nov 04, 2021