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  • Read Page 1 ... runaway trim in a KIng Air), WWYD if a capt is breaking SOP's (said I'd tell him as a new FO I need to learn how to do things correctly), asked me about handling AK weather but I've already flown there so they sort of gave me credit for that one, and they may have asked about the difference between leadership and authority. I also volunteered some knowledge I had of old Mr Siebert who started the company (google Siebert Peninsula Airways). If you've got any...

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    Jan 04, 2024
    it was easy and not as hard we did plan on ILS and...

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    I completed the online application and got a call at about the 5 week part. They were trying to decipher how my rotor wing time translated into the 121 side. I wore a suit and tie to the interview as the HR lady had suggested it. My interview was scheduled for 45 minutes with the CP and HR lady. The hiring questions we very straight forward and are mostly what is listed in the gouge. I did get the persistent captain wanting to break policy (I stated as the new guy I needed to learn the...

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    I completed their online app and I think the CP emailed me about 4 weeks later to ask if I was still interested. I had a 2 hour Skype interview with CP and HR/Training Capt. Process seems to be the same as the last gouge. I wore an oxford button down collar shirt and a sport coat - no tie. I honestly don't remember much as far as questions but it was all TMAAT and What would you do stuff, I don't recall any tech questions; TMAAT I had an emergency (I had a runaway trim in a KIng Air), WWYD...

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    Due to the complications of traveling to Alaska, they conducted a Skype interview.  They called the day prior to set up the interview.  After a few minor Skype issues we were able to have a video interview.  The chief pilot and H.R. each took turns asking questions about my previous flying experience, military experiences and leadership positions.  It was a really relaxed interview, and told me casual dress was acceptable.  After about a 30 min interview they told me...

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    Interview was over the phone due to distance. First asked what I knew of the company. They are the largest regional airline in Alaska. Have about 120 pilots and fly Metro, Saab, Caravan, Goose, Saratoga, plus a few others.  Asked me to tell about yourself.  Any FAA accidents or incidents Failed any FAA check rides. What emergencies have you had and how did you worked it out?  HR stuff "you are a new pilot with a senior pilot and he did something that goes against company...

  6. Amazing experience! Outstanding, accurate gouge.

    John G Jul 23, 2024

    I was able to read the gouges for my company. The recent Gouges were very accurate!

    Clayton G Jul 23, 2024