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FREE Piedmont Airlines Cadet Program pilot interview information and gouge

This was for the Cadet Program. Started with a brief presentation led by one of the recruiters about the company. This was followed by the one on one interview with a recruiter and pilot. All the... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Oct 25, 2022 I had a great overall interview experience. My recommendation is to arrive a little early so that the interviewers can go through and start organizing your documents before the the main group presentation starts. After the group presentation, we were told to wait in another room until it was our turn to interview. The interview takes about an hour, and there were 6 of us. So be prepared to wait awhile if you're the last one called in. Know your METARS, Jeppesen approach plates, and taxi... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Oct 18, 2022 The interview was very much like some others have described on here. They do a great job of making you feel comfortable and ready for the interview. I would make sure you are proficient on instrument knowledge, alternate req, fuel req, very difficult metars with CCCGIC, TSRA, GR, P0001, etc. TAF, and Jepp plate IAP and Airport... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Oct 12, 2022 Every other review here is accurate. Be very familiar with jeppesen charts. They will be understanding and guide you. Had a company presentation then individual interview. Both recruiters ver helpful and welcoming. HR portion, situational questions then technical. They are not offering flight benefits to cadets at this time however you receive 60,000 AAdvantage program miles. You can use them for flights but... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Oct 12, 2022 The interview went super smooth. I flew in from Atlanta. Stayed in the hotel. Reviewed the gouge on here starting 10 days prior. Relearned/reremembered specific details on how a thunderstorm forms, microburst and wind shear details. 4 types of fog. I use DOD plates mainly so I had to learn Jeppesen plates. I studied for that. I also looked at the Jeppesen guide - they asked me about the symbols for lighted wind socks, displaced thresehold, EMAS, and the tallest obstacle in the plan view.... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Oct 11, 2022 Study questions on this site are accurate. Recruiting team members were great. Both interviewers were from recruiting, and conducted both HR and technical parts of the interview. The usual HR questions, 2 strengths, 1 weakness, tell me about your avaition journey. For the technical we talked about Thunderstorms, Micro bursts, icing, briefed the approach plate KBGM, taxi diagram symbols, and a very difficult Metar. It had just about everything on it. Interviews go in order of flights home.... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 07, 2022 If you follow the study guide you will have nothing to worry about. Very friendly panel of 2 recruits. Allentown ILS 16, microburst, T-Storms and a complex METAR. Only thing I messed up on was what the purpose of the VDP. They were cool about it. Heard back next day for the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 05, 2022 Piedmont paid to fly me out from Bakersfield, CA all the way to Charlotte. Unfortunately, I didn't arrive at the hotel in Charlotte until about 0030 the day of the interview, but again a long flight with layovers and such, and I was able to leave straight from Bakersfield as opposed to LAX, so not their fault.  Made it to checkout on time (0800) and decided to skip breakfast and just hang out til the start time, 0900. Surprisingly, only one other candidate showed up early, and the... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Sep 28, 2022 The human resources questions were straight forward and reasonable. They didn't ask any of the awkward sorts of questions that usually get asked in these types of interviews. They asked about my aviation journey, hobbies, and work experience and wanted to know my plan for building hours. The technical portion of the interview was also not too surprising. You need to know Jepp plates, weather, and instrument procedures. I briefed an ILS approach using a plate they gave me, and I described... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Sep 28, 2022 Gouge on the site is accurate. Basic HR questions. Tell us about yourself, talked about check ride failures, study habits, TMATT, ect. Very basic. The technical side we talked about stages of a thunderstorm, associated weather, microbursts (how they form, associated effects, performance impacts, etc. Briefed a Jep plate, was asked basic IFR regs about it - minimums, when to go missed on an ils/loc, and what makes them different. Alternate, fuel reqs, and holding speed limits. Briefed an... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Sep 20, 2022 The interview was as described on this site. The panel was friendly and enthusiastic and asked many of the standard questions. They were interested to know how I would get the required hours and what my timeframe was. It was good to really know the METARS including details like the precip and temp figures in the remarks. Using the 'METAR' as a TAF I was asked I would need an alternate if flying to that airport on an IFR flight... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Feedback from: Michael P
    (Hired at Piedmont Airlines Cadet Program)

    The study guides were spot on. I would’ve definitely been less prepared without it.

    Nov 13, 2022