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Read Page 1 ... finished. Lasted only about an hour inlcuding HR questions. Went over HR questions to break the ice, then proceeded into IFR questions with an approach plate... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. May 09, 2023 Meet with your mentor, follow the provided study guide, and read through the interviews on this website. The video call was with a F.O. and Captain and they made the environment relaxed. Overall, the interview process was... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Apr 27, 2023 It was a very in depth interview. We did a mock flight from DCA to CLT. We started with a METAR at DCA, I had to decode it. Then we went and briefed a departure. After that we looked and discussed to 10-9a form. After that we looked at an arrival into CLT as well as an airport diagram. Become very familiar with jeppesen, and brush up on instrument knowledge. When do you need a takeoff alternate, landing alternate, things like... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Apr 26, 2023 Interview was done over webcam, started off very laid back conversation between the F.O., Captain and myself. They asked the typical tell me about yourself questions, had a good conversation for about 5 minutes before jumping into HR based questions., (view the study guide of this website).  Once the HR questions were over,  We jumped right into briefing a SID. Asked if we departed runway 1 I believe out of DC, what heading and altitude would you first fly to? Very simple... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Apr 26, 2023 Everything you will read here in pretty spot on when it comes to what you should know. First off, the interviewers try to make you feel at ease, in my case a FO and a Captain, and they are very personable and helpful. In my case we started out reading a METAR, so know how to read those efficiently and interpret whether or not you will need an alternate (123 rule). Know about take-off minimums. You might be given an example with a specific time frame that you will have to interpret the 123... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Apr 26, 2023 Was on a Microsoft Teams meeting with two other pilots who were mentors of the PSA cadet program. They introduced themselves and then asked me to introduce myself briefly. Then we got into the HR questions and there were only about 4 or 5 total. After the HR portion of the interview they told me that's all they had for me and asked if I had any questions for them. At this point you would continue on to your technical interview but I was only doing my HR interview so we stopped... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Apr 26, 2023 It was one captain and one first officer at PSA. They started off by asking me basic HR type questions, (view the study guide of this website).  The technical section started after. It was primarily situational based questions regarding jepp charts. They pulled up an arrival, an approach plate, a taxi diagram, and a sid and asked lots of questions about them. Know jepp symbology.  They asked what the missed approach point was for the ILS, then asked the MAP for the LOC. Some of the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Apr 24, 2023 Interview was with a Captain and FO. They were very laid back and made the interview very comfortable. HR portion was basic get to know you questions as expected on the study guide. The practical portion was IFR focused based on a departure, en-route, and arrival from DC to Charlotte. There were some part 121 questions about alternates. We looked at SIDs, STARs and an approach plate and they asked me basic questions off of those. After that portion they moved onto more general questions such... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Mar 16, 2023 This was an interview for the senior cadet position. I did the HR and technical interviews at the same time. Both pilots were fantastic that I interviewed with. Interview started with just some getting to know you questions, typical HR stuff. This website was spot on. The technical portion started with an airport diagram, just picking out things on the chart, along with the taxi instruction, etc. know the jepp plates. We then went through departure procedures, and STAR’s. Last was... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Mar 16, 2023 Its like a mini checkride. There were two pilots doing the interview. They were very good at switching the screens to in order to help me every now and then. The first question asked was, can you read this metar? then asked, what's a takeoff alternate. All it is, is determining when you would need an alternate airport before you take off. If the weather is below landing minimums, you will need a takeoff minimum. This is because if the weather is below landing minimums and you just took off... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Mar 14, 2023 Interview done over teams. Two captains got on the call, one was a check pilot. Asked the standard hr questions, (view the study guide of this website).  For the technical portion we went over metars and tafs and asked if we would need take off and landing alternatives. SIDS - asked what a sid is for and then had me read of the departure instructions from a specific runway asked the top altitude. STARS Make sure to read the notes on the approach plate as they will more then likely... Continue reading this interview experience

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    It did a good job of preparing me for my interview. I liked how many study questions and the reviews from people who had recently interviewed.

    May 29, 2023