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  • Read Page 1 ... what, though they had loosely mentioned a class in two weeks.
    Seven days later they called me for class to start in 5 days, and me, blinded by my urge to fly heavier iron, gave my employer a whole four days notice, which is regrettable because they were(and are) a stand up company.
    Was hired as a Second Officer, expecting to upgrade in 6 months. Systems training was very poor, however the two sim...

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    Sent my stuff in and was called the next week. Met with the Chief Pilot(who has since retired), nothing technical. Then went to talk to a real good guy who had been at the company for less than one week as the director of training (too bad he quit about a month later)and we talked about flying. Went for a drug test down the road, fingerprinted at the airport and that was it. We were not sure if we had been hired or what, though they had loosely mentioned a class in two weeks. Seven days...

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    Great interview experience. Five of us were interviewing, all with previous Part 121 experience, though not all had jet experience and only two had experience in anything larger than an RJ. The interview was very relaxed. The recuiter, Connie Rice took paperwork first, then briefed us on what to expect. Next we were given a rundown of the company history and general working conditions by a retired Captain. This was followed by a presentation from an HR person on pay and benefits. Next...

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    I interviewed with 2 others (one was a furloughed AA/ex airfoce Capt. and a Brit. who has flown all over the world in everything form a steerman to 767) today at Trade winds. Not a lot to say about the interview. It was a very good experience. The people there in GSO are the genuinely the nicest group I have ever interviewed with. First Connie Rice went over all our paperwork. Then we all met with one of the owners who told us all about where the company is and where it is going. He is a...

  4. Amazing experience! Outstanding, accurate gouge.

    John G Jul 23, 2024

    I was able to read the gouges for my company. The recent Gouges were very accurate!

    Clayton G Jul 23, 2024