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The interview went as briefed. 5 HR questions followed by a technical interview discussing the flight plan I had brought. Two interviews and my self just about an hour start to... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Aug 15, 2023 Walked in and was seated with other aviate and non aviate pilots. Then we were given a tour of the museum. They then called us one by one for the hr interview. In the room I had two pilots and one hr personal. They then had 5 tell me about a time questions. When that was done they gave a 5 minute break then the pilot interview. It was simple and was about the aircraft that you fly. They asked about systems and then asked about the flight they asked you to plan for. When that was complete... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Aug 08, 2023 Interview began by showing up to the training center an hour early. You start by being checked into security where they direct you to bag storage and to the cafeteria where the other interviewees are. There were 8 of us total and only one other Aviate interviewee. After waiting for about 20 minutes a pilot came and gave us a quick tour of the facility and then took us to a conference room where we waited to be called for the interview. HR portion was tell me about yourself followed by 6... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Aug 08, 2023 I showed up at the training center an hour before the interview began. I checked in with security and they gave me directions for bag storage and then I went into the cafeteria where the other interviewees were. In total there was 8 of us, 1 other for Aviate and the rest were going for FO. Try to talk to the other interviewees there to start networking and get to know them. After about 15 minutes of waiting a pilot came and got us and gave us a small tour of the building including the museum... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Aug 07, 2023 It was exactly as others mentioned. Humble and great experience. Interview started with couple TMAAT questions 5 or 6 and technical were a breeze. It is specifically tailored to experience level and I mentioned throughly about CRM concept while briefing flight plan. Be ready and... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Jul 17, 2023 The interview process was just like how others described it. There is a shuttle from DEN to the training center so make sure to ask for that to cut down your trip expense. When arrived at the training center, they will guide you to their cafeteria where you will meet other applicants. I was the only Aviate applicant that day and other 5 people were there for a FO position. Make sure you start networking and talk to them instead of going on your phone. When everyone arrives, they will give... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Jul 17, 2023 Reading through these gouges will really give you an accurate depiction of what to expect. Start journaling now, and writing down some stories you can draw from in your HR portion. They were adamant about spending 3-5 minutes per story - this allows them to start to know a stranger who wants a position with them. You wait in the cafe, then turn in your logbooks for review. Afterwards, you go on a tour, culminating in a conference room where you get to have water and a restroom break. From... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Jul 13, 2023 The experience was all quite smooth, everyone was friendly and the interview environment was relaxed and non-confrontational. HR questions were all pretty standard, for the technical I basically walked through the IFR flight plan I brought, was asked a few chart questions along the way (why did you choose your altitude, what’s the MEA, etc) and then was asked what I would do if I had engine roughness on climbout. Walked through/briefed an approach and had some questions on that. Had a... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jul 10, 2023 I got to the flight training center and talked to a couple of candidates. There was one aviate program candidate other than me. We did the tour and turned in our logbooks. There were 5 HR questions. CHECKRIDE FAILURE, CRITICAL ERROR, TIME THAT I DISAGREED WITH MY COWORKER Everything’s in the study guide on this website tech questions I just have my ppl so it was not that hard. Went over my flight plan, engine, and prop system of my aircraft. It was fun everybody was so... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jun 21, 2023 Everything was exactly like it was said in previous reviews. Make sure you arrive at least an hour before your interview time. You'll walk into the cafeteria and meet with other applicants. The group is a mix of FO and Aviate applicants, and everyone is super nice and supportive. A pilot will come out and will give the group a quick tour of the flight training center and then escort everyone to a classroom where the pilot will explain the interview. Next, each individual will be taken to an... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jun 05, 2023 Started off in the cafeteria at the FTC. Make sure to wear a suit and tie, even though it isn't explicitly stated, everyone was wearing a suit and tie. Make sure to get there an hour before the interview, and talk with the other applicants. A pilot will come get everyone and give you a quick tour then take you to the classroom, where you will wait for the interviewers to come get you. They will do the panel first, I got the tell me about yourself, then 5 TMAATs. Be sure to use STAR format... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Gouges of the interviews were spot on and they were helpful. Most of them were very detailed and provide questions that I got in the interview.

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