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    Simple straight forward HR interview. E-mailed a resume, received e-mail back from HR department a few weeks later. Did an in-person interview with HR and 135 Director of Ops. Was asked questions about goals, previous experience, instrument currency and proficiency, etc. Was called about a week or two later and also e-mailed an offer. I then started training a few weeks after that. Then a short delay and off to the...

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    Very relaxed skype interview with a lot of questions about what is on your resume. They want to know your background and if you are good to work with others in a small pilot group. Was offered the job and told the class date a week later after I was drug tested and returned my pria...

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    Very easy group of folks. I actually went to a job fair and chatted with the Director of Ground Ops and HR. Both were very nice and chatted about the growth of the company and were also very honest on where the company had been in the past and how they have moved from that. Everyone I have chatted with has been very pleased with the management of the company and how well thought out the growth has been. Although everyone has stated that there are some bumps as the company continues to...

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    Laid back interview on skype and just get to know you type format. No tech, no HR questions at...

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    This was a very informal and impromptu interview. After exchanging emails back and forth for a couple of weeks they actually offered me the job prior to the interview. I thought this was a bit of a 'red flag' so I insisted on an interview. Which was very brief. I met the head of HR and she described a brief history of the company and it's direction. They are a small 135 company in transition to 121 with expected certification in June 2016. Currently they operate 4 E120's and 4 E145's with a...

  6. There were many questions from my specific company that were on the study guide that helped me plan out how to explain my answers. I found the website very easy to understand and use.

    Logan S Jul 05, 2024

    Very helpful information!

    Sergio V Jul 05, 2024