Will I be able to use the website after I cancel my membership?
Yes! If you were billed on the 1rst and cancel on the 5th your account would not expire until the 30th of that month.
How do I cancel my membership?
Simply visit our cancellation page: https://www.aviationinterviews.com/cancel.html
Account cancellation after first payment:
Users who cancel their account after their first payment are responsible for that payment. After you cancel we will not bill you again.
Account cancellation after recurring payment:
All accounts will make recurring payments in exchange for access to the website. Once the account is canceled recurring payments will stop. If you were billed on the 1st and cancel on the 5th your account will remain active for the full 30 (or 90 days depending on membership type) days before it expires. We know things happen sometimes, and problems arise and you aren't able to cancel your account as quickly as you wanted to. If you do cancel your account on the same day you were billed or even the day after, we can usually refund that payment. The refund will be determined by your use of the website during that billing period.
I was issued a refund, why don't I see it on my credit card / bank statement?
When refunds are issued, they are sent instantly. Depending on your financial institution (bank or credit card) it might take up to 20 business days for it to appear. If 20 business days has passed and you do not see your refund, please let us know and we will double check things to make sure it was processed correctly.
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