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Delta Air Lines pilot interview information and gouge

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 Overall, good experience.  Everyone friendly and make you feel relaxed and at home.  I passed all the testing portions and failed the face to face interview.  Testing is as reported on previous gouge.  I would reccomend going to happyneuron.com for the cog test.  Study the games that emphasize attention, memory, and spatial orientation.  It won't prepare you all the tasks but gives you a representative example of several of the tests.  One called Pay Attention is exactly what one of the tests is.  Another one shows you pictures of peoples hands at different orientations and also viewed thru a mirror which helps greatly on the test where you have to say what hand the guy is holding the flag in.  I was very concerned about this part of the interview and I don't think I would have passed without having some mental practice on the kind of tasks that needed to be performed.  The face to face interview is straight forward.  I got asked all the previously reported questions including how I got into flying, why I chose the college I did, sick time questions, driving record questions, how I liked working for previous employers etc..  As far as situational questions I got WWYD if you flew with a captain that was confrontational and couldn't communicate with the FA's cause of his personality, WWYD if the captain tries to top a CB that you don't think the airplane will clear, and TMAAT you had a I will never do that again experience again in an airplane.  Overall I thought it went pretty well.  For me if I were to pinpoint one area that I screwed up on, I would say it was letting myself get too relaxed.  As I mentioned, everyone makes you feel at ease.  This can be a bad thing because you can forget you are at a job interview for a noteriously formal, structured and professional airline.  I think I was myself too much which doesn't really mesh with the Delta persona.  I was laughing and joking cause that is who I am.  The interviewers were receptive to this and gladly partaked in the banter but I wonder if that is what they are looking for in an applicant.  I guess it doesn't matter as it was confirmed at the interview that if you fail the panel interview you will NOT be allowed to reapply. Keep this is mind while preparing.  If I were too do it again I would prepare more for the panel interview than the testing because if you fail the testing at least you can re-apply in 6 months if you fail the testing.  Good luck to everyone out there!

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