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Free Fiji Airways Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. What does Cabin Crew mean to you?
    A cabin crew to me is a group of individuals that share the responsibility of ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on airline
  2. If given the opportunity to take a tourist to a hotel. What hotel would it be?
    Mana Island Resort
    Sherston or Hilton Denarau
    Taveuni Resort
    Sheraton and Hilton resort
    I would take the tourist to Radisson Blue Resort
    Tanoa hotel
  3. Where are you originally from?
    Soso Naviti Yasawa
    I am originally from Navolau, Naitasiri
    I am from Votua, Ba
    I'm originally from Soso Naviti Yasawa
    I'm originally from Nasaqalau, Lakeba,Lau
    I'm originally from Taci , Noco Rewa
    Im originally from Udu, Kabara, Lau
    Im originally from Tobuniqio,Tailevu Province.
  4. What are your thoughts about being in new places and situations?
    I love travelling to new places and I love discrovering new cultures and surrounding
    I love to travel. I love learning about new places and discovering new surroundings of the world and learning the diverse cultures of the world
    Very exciting you get to experience new things
    I love traveling and socializing. That would allow me to meet new people, learn new cultures that are totally different from mine.
    I love traveling to new places and get in situations that is out of my comfort zone to either teach a lesson or give me experience in a field as such
    It would be a much pleasure to experience and adventure new things in different types of places and also discover other cultures and life styles.
    After being in different types of places or situations, I would be very much prepared and excited because those situations bring up different challenges.
    I find being in a new place and experiencing new situations very exciting and adventurous as I turn to learn more about new places and the people and also get involved in situations that I haven't come across in life.
    I find being in new places and experiencing new situations very exciting and adventurous as i get to learn more about what actually occurs outside of my comfort zone, places that i have never been to or seen and the type of people I get to meet.
  5. Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a co-worker. How did you resolve it?
    I have never come across a conflict with a co-worker and I hope that I wont happen
    I have not come across this situation but i hope this would never happen.
    I have never experienced this but I'm hoping that if I did, I would learn from it.
    Time I had a conflict with a co-worker was about having a disagreement over about a miscommunication with other staffs and because some of my peers had short tempered we were taken in a small room for counseling and sort out our differences before it gets out of hand so I spoke calmly on our behalf as the matter had been calmly.
    We had a disagreement over a small situation....and because she was a very short-tempered lady I had to be very calm when speaking to her because I didn't want the argument to get out of hand....and also took her to a room where we could solve the situation by ourself's without causing too much drama for the public.
  6. What are your strengths?
    I love socializing with everyone
    I am very keen to children and elderly people
    Im good at socialising with any type of people young or old
    I'm very good at communicating with any type of people rather be it elderly or children and I am good in explaining things.
    I'm very good at communicating with any type of people rather be it elderly or children and I am also good at explaining things which some people cannot understand.
    I am good at communicating with children.
  7. Describe your most favorite flight so far.
  8. If you have an emergency in the air, what would you do?
    First I pray that no emergency incidents take place. If it does I would calm myself first then attend to the passengers because self-esteem is the best.
    Firstly calm myself down and then attend to the passenger(s) so that they would not sense fear in my words.
  9. What would you do if a passenger was panicking because they are afraid to fly?
    Tell him or her a joke or talk about something that could get their mind off the topic or use a trick or simply comfort them, whichever works best.
  10. How would you deal with a passenger who refuses to follow crew instructions during takeoff or landing?
    I would repeat my instructions to the passenger incase if they misheard the information due to cabin noise or else I will seek assistance from other cabin crew.
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