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Fiji Airways Flight Attendant Interviews

I applied for the vacant position as a cabin crew that was circulated on the social media and also on the Fiji Airways page. While having my lunch I received an email from the recruitment team that I need to be at the Nadi sports club a week later for the first phase of the recruitment I.e the verification of : Weight Height Reach Swimming With the time given I took an early leave from work before the nick of time just for packing of my stuff so that I can head down to the western side of viti levu as I'm residing in Suva. The time for the phase one given by the recruit time is at 8.30 therefore i had to prepare my self in a short period of time before the last bus leave as the curfew hours still stand at 11.00pm.  At 7.30 I was dropped off at Nadi sports club. When we arrived at the venue there were tents all over the place. First, the security checked our vaccination card plus our ID and then 2 officers from Fiji Airways called out our name before we move to the next tent. Once she called out our name we moved to the next tent and have a swab as there were another 2 conducting the swabbing. After that we were taken to a deck for our verification of our height, weight and reach. Once we've done, we were taken to the changing room and get ready for swimming assessment. Once we have our swimming suite on we were directed to another tent where we are told on the procedure of swimming assessment. They were ten of us in the first lot, the instructor call out the first five to do their swimming assessment first while we did ours later once the first five finish with theirs.  The first assessment was that for us to stay afloat on water for 2 minutes where they draw a mark for us to line ourself on. After ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience