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Fiji Airways Flight Attendant Interviews

I applied at the beginning of this month.  It was an open interview.The process was very easy where we have to give our documents such as Vaccination card, Year 12 or 13 External Examination Results,Updated Resume ,a valid Fijian passport if available and a Full length colored photograph in business attire either shirts,long trousers and formal shoes for Males or and Court shoes for the Female's.The process was very easy after the verification pf the documents which is very fast because there were about six to seven friendly individuals were doing the documents verification. I successfully passed all the phase that day which are Submitting of documents,Check Height ,Weght and Swimming test. And please do bring your change with you during the open day. Two days later i received an email stating the time and venue of my interview.I went there around 8:30am ,when i reached the venue there were applicants which was already full. Around 8:30am the interview process was started. Firstly there were two ladies and a man who needs to verify our Names ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience