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Free Republic Airways Flight Attendant Interview Study Guide Questions and Answers

  1. Can you pass a drug test?
  2. How do you adjust to changes that you have no control over?
  3. Define what it means to be an efficient and reliable employee?
  4. Tell me about a stressful situation at work.
    I had a student that called during my birthday dinner extremely upset and anxious about her upcoming ACT test. I excused myself from the table so I could continue speaking with her in a more private environment. I told her how important it was to see her accomplishments that she has made in her program and continuing to do so. I explained to my student that she had something so special and she would get the score she has worked so hard for. She will be an asset to ANY college. Keeping students morale up is huge in education no matter what time of day or situation you are in. Empathy is huge.
    When I was a bartender at the Spring Hill suites in Iowa city, it was my day off and one of my teammates had called in sick last minute. This was actually on my birthday, so I was on my way to go to a dinner when my boss called urgently to see if I would be able to come in. I knew that when accepting that job position, there were likely going to be some sacrifices. I knew that it was my duty to help the organization and company in anyway that I could, so we turned the car around and I made it in time for the shift!
    A gas leak!
  5. Do you have a passport?
    I have just submitted my expedited passport info.
  6. You won't be given your base until you are 2 weeks into training. How will you deal with that?
    I'll apply myself and be prepared.
    I can adapt to anything. Being a Yoga Teacher I had to adapt to many people and personalities. Life is unpredictable you just go with flow and enjoy it.
    Take care of personal affairs before attending training.
    Just be honestly. If this is going to be a problem don't apply.
  7. What experiences have you had that would make you a good flight attendant?
    Over 40 years of excellent customer service. Patient, excellent communication skills, effective listening, maintain a calm and friendly demeanor with customers and co-workers, team player, work long hours in potential stressful situations, able to lift up to 30 pounds {overhead}, safety is always a priority in all areas, at all times.
    I have always worked in customer service. I enjoy meeting new people everyday and making customers feel valued, appreciated, and that they have a great experience.
  8. You are a flight attendant on a delayed flight and a pax is concerned about missing their connection...what do you do?
    Assure Pax that we are working hard to try to get the flight in the air as safely and soon as possible.
  9. How do you feel about not knowing what base you will be assigned until 2 weeks into training?
    Being notified about base assignment before attending training. I prepared myself and I'm excited and ready.
    It's a little exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time, but with all life changes I will adjust in order to succeed
  10. How will you adjust to being on call?
    Adjusting to being on call will be very easy for me, as I have a 100% flexible schedule. I know that having an on-call schedule can be challenging at times, but I am completely prepared to conquer anything that comes my way.
    I will get advice from seasoned flight attendants, in the meantime will be packed , uniform ready,, and be ready to roll!
    I think it will be a little challenging in the beginning, but adaptation comes easy to me, and in short time I will adjust
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