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Republic Airways Flight Attendant Interviews

Attending an Open House seems to be a much quicker way to gain access to an interview and to recruiters---regardless of airline.  Republic Airlines had two great recruiters at the Open House in March, although they told us that they often are able to get real FA's to come along to events to offer their experience.  The recruiters were personable and welcoming---really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere they tried to create for us.

They do not want applicants walking right in until they call everyone. So if you are really early, just wait out in the common areas. There will be other applicants to talk to. Be sociable, be presentable (read: dressed professionally) and do not be late. You will be asked to stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourselves and tell everyone a little bit about yourself and why you are there. Then they give a presentation which should answer all your general questions. But when they're finished, they do ask if anyone has any questions that weren't answered. Afterwards, everyone is asked to go out into the hall and they call you in one by one to interview. Since there were 2 recruiters, there were 2 people being ... Continue Reading this Interview Experience